World leaders in drag

An unknown artist who calls himself Saint Hoax is receiving death threats for his latest art project.

The project titled “War Drags You Out,” features a series of digital illustrations of world leaders in drag.

The subjects featured in the digital series include U.S. President Barack Obama, George Bush, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the King of Saudi Arabia.

As a result of his artistic license with middle east leaders, the unidentified artist has been threatened with death.

The artist explained his “War Drags You Out” project to the Huffington Post blog.

“I received over 70 [death] threats in my inbox deterring me from showcasing the [original] U.S.A.M.A [Osama Bin Laden] painting,” said Saint Hoax. “Quite frankly, I got worried. Luckily, instead of shipping the original painting I sent the curator a faux painting and it got lost. The curator emailed me saying that it was destroyed in the Kabul International Airport.”

Saint Hoax added:

“I never heard from him after that, and the art show failed to happen. I then decided to digitally illustrate the W.D.Y.O series. The digital process took less time than painting.”

In fear of his life, Saint Hoax decided against displaying his artworks in a public gallery. Instead, he is featuring the art on

World leaders in drag
President Obama

World leaders in drag
George Bush, aka “Georgia Buchette”

World leaders in drag
Vladimir Putin, aka “Vladdy Pushin'”

World leaders in drag
Adolph Hitler, aka “Hitleria Hysteria”