Frank Ocean

Rapper T-Pain is accusing the hip hop community — specifically rappers — of blacklisting singer Frank Ocean because of his sexual preference.

In an open letter on his Tumblr blog in 2012, Ocean wrote that he had “unrequited feelings” for another man. But rather than accept him with open arms, the hip hop community quietly turned their backs on the 26-year-old songwriter (no pun intended). T-Pain suggested other rappers were discriminating against Ocean by not featuring him on their tracks.

T-Pain’s statements indicates that the media’s pro-gay agenda has not made a difference in the opinions of rappers who have been unfairly labeled as homophobic.

The singer told Vlad TV that he believes the perception that rap has become more ‘gay-friendly’ in recent years is a little off the mark.

“I think the radio is getting more gay-friendly,” he said. “I don’t think urban music is getting more gay-friendly because if that was the case, Frank Ocean would be on a lot more songs.

“I know n***as that will not do a song with Frank Ocean just because he gay, but they need him on the f**king song and that’s so terrible to me, man… What I do ain’t going to affect nothing that you got going on. Source

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