Naya Rivera Denies Getting Breast Implants

TV personality Naya Rivera is vigorously denying getting breast implants. But it doesn’t take a man’s eyes to see that she is lying.

Rivera, 27, posted social media images showing off her new breasts.

Top board certified Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Barry Weintraub, who knows breast implants when he sees them, says “In my opinion, without seeing the patient in person, it does appear that she has had larger breast implants put in.”

Weintraub says Rivera went from a modest C cup to a robust D cup.


As far as choosing how big to go, Dr. Weintraub says: “One must be careful to look natural, and in proportion. If a statuesque woman is totally flat-chested and wants to have large breasts, one could go from an A to a D, but I would not advise doing anything that ruins the natural proportion of a woman’s body and begins to look fake.”

“I always prefer to use the transaxillary, sub-pectoral approach, meaning that I insert the implant through a tiny incision in the armpit and position the implant under the muscle. This technique leaves no visible scars anywhere near the breast, and it does not interfere with future breast feeding. In addition, the recovery is very quick: if a woman has the procedure on a Friday, she can be back to work by Monday, so long as her job does not entail great physical exertion.”

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