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Objects spotted on satellite images

An oil rig worker has injected himself into the massive search for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane. Flight MH370 vanished without a trace shortly after take off from Kuala Lumpur early Saturday morning.

Mike McKay, who was working on an oil rig in the South China Sea, wrote an email to his boss claiming he saw a plane in flames.

McKay wrote, "When I observed the burning (plane) it appeared to be in one piece. McKay said he made an attempt to contact authorities, but he did not know if his message was received.

McKay wrote: "From when I first saw the burning (plane) until the flames went out (still at high altitude) was 10-15 seconds. There was no lateral movement, so it was either coming toward our location, stationary (falling) or going away from our location."

He also gave the coordinates of the plane -- which would put it hundreds of miles off course to the east.

Oil rig worker believe he saw missing plane in flames

In related news, a user scanning uploaded satellite images believes he spotted the fuselage of the plane underwater (image below). And Chinese authorities released a similar satellite image of 3 large objects floating under the south China sea.

The location of the objects more closely matches the flight plan of MH370. The images were taken on Sunday, a day after the plane crashed.

satellite image of object

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  • Miss Iyana stay RAZZLING on you hating bishes :nun:


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    This is just mass confusion with this, My heart goes out to the families of these victims.

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    Sad as shyt

  • Miss Iyana stay RAZZLING on you hating bishes :nun:

    exactly Luvie- I'd hate to be in the same boat as them. My prayers go out to them man. :(

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    every few hours these poor families Get a False sense of hope. thats heartbreaking

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    I can't see anything in that picture from my phone :/ Everything is just speculation til someone produces proof. Actual proof.

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    This is getting more and more unbelievable that they can't locate a whole plane.

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    :newpost: Phaedra Parks and EJ Johnson

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    I think that plane is at the bottom of the Indian ocean. The captain or co-pilot committed suicide.

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    It's at times like that one is tempted to pay close attention to conspiracy therists and their ET invasion views. With aal the technology in the world, we are expected to believe that not one government or aviation authority can make head or tail of this case???


    Off to the EJ/Phaedera thread for some light visual entertainment in the shape of EJ and Mrs Jailbird-in-waiting.

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    *times like this...(edit).

    Auntie, I think your theory may be right on the money and no airline wants to admit it had a psychologically compromised pilot for business reasons..... especially if he was a disgruntled employee who had aired his grievances and made threats to the company...which they ingored...hmmmm... my imagination is really going full throttle now.

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    How sad