Game and LoLo Party with Hennessy V.S in DC

“Last night at the RoseBar in D.C., rapper Game was spotted at the Hennessy V.S party with his trusty assistant LoLo in tow. The rapper was in town for a concert and headed over to the Hennessy V.S event with a few of his friends to celebrate immediately after performing.”

Game and LoLo Party with Hennessy V.S. in DC

Game was visibly in a great mood grabbing the mic several times to make requests for his favorite Hip Hop songs. Game and LoLo were in his V.I.P section the entire night together sipping on Hennessy V.S cocktails. Towards the end of the night Game got on the mic and made the DJ put the music back on saying “I came all this way to D.C. to party, we not done yet.”

Photos: Mike James
Text: Gina Torres, PMG Media Group