Kerry Washington Slams Beyonce for Staying With Jay Z

Kerry Washington is reportedly disappointed in Beyonce, who is putting money ahead of her pride. The 37-year-old ‘Scandal’ actress roasted the 32-year-old singer for staying with aging rapper Jay Z, 45, despite mounting evidence of his rampant cheating.


From Dish Nation:

Emmy nominated TV star Kerry Washington has privately ripped the singer for not doing enough to empower young African American girls.

The 37-year-old star of the hit ABC show, who’s a political activist and outspoken feminist, “hates how Beyonce relies on her body and sexual innuendo to sell records,” an insider told Dish Nation.

“Kerry thinks Beyonce should spend less time shaking her booty and more time pushing other agendas, like the value of education and healthy eating, as well as promoting book reading.”

“To Kerry, it seems like Beyonce is sending a message to young women that standing by your man, even if he cheats on you, is perfectly acceptable. While Kerry’s peers, like Beyonce, exploit themselves for career advancement, she’s happy to keep her private life under wraps and let her talent do the talking. Kerry wishes Beyonce would do the same.”

Meanwhile, Beyonce and Jay Z are desperate to put an end to the rumors of marital strife. Bey’s people are in constant touch with PR firms that specialize in damage control. Sources say certain blogs are doing all they can to shut down the rumors by publishing stories planted by Bey’s camp.

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