Lebrons sons

There has been much speculation about where Miami Heat superstar LeBron James will play now that he’s a NBA free agent. One source claims LeBron will return to the Cleveland Cavaliers for the 2015 season after winning 2 NBA rings with the Miami Heat.

The Cleveland Cavaliers drafted LeBron with the No. 1 pick in 2003. The city has never fully recovered from LeBron’s decision to take his talents to South Beach 4 years ago.

According to the USA Today, LeBron plans to meet with Miami Heat President Pat Riley and former teammate Dwyane Wade in Las Vegas on Wednesday. LeBron is in Las Vegas to attend a NIKe sponsored basketball camp.

Unlike the spectacular failure that was “Decision” Pt. 1, LeBron plans to announce his much-awaited Decision 2.0 on Thursday, July 10, on his blog, Lebronjames.com.

Those who believe The King will stay in Miami might be disappointed to learn that LeBron’s 2 sons, Bryce and Bronny, were spotted at the airport heading to Cleveland on Wednesday.