Jose Hernandez Fake Fight

Guess what? Another fake fight broke out during a reality TV show reunion show. And, as usual, reality TV show viewers act like this is the 1st fake fight they’ve ever seen during a reunion show.

As usual, no blood was drawn, and hair weave extensions were strewn about the set. Oh, and the cops were called to add a little realism to the manufactured hijinks. Thank God this is the last show of the season, and we don’t have to hear about these clowns until next season.


Yesterday news leaked that an all out brawl broke out at the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reunion show taping [click here if you missed that].

Fight footage shows up online…

Hello Beautiful was in the house and caught the fight on tape.

From what we can tell Joseline, with the black and blonde hair, was kicking arse and taking names.

According to TMZ Joseline went on an absolute tear punching Althea in the face, attacking Tammy Rivera and ripping her ponytail out, bit a security guard on the arm and elbowed and pushed MiMi down a flight of stairs. The only one to get a piece of Joseline was Tammy Rivera’s mother-in-law Deb Antney.

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