Ebony Steele and Shirley Strawberry

Radio personalities Ebony Steele (former Rickey Smiley Morning Show co-host) and Shirley Strawberry (Steve Harvey co-host) have a lot in common. Not only do they look alike, but, as it turns out, they recently shared the same man.

Apparently the playboy has a thing for female radio hosts with Halle Berry haircuts.

From Rhymeswithsnitch.com:

A little birdie tells me Shirley’s new boo was very recently engaged to Rickey Smiley’s former co-host Ebony Steele…

Heres the TEA this dude is the ex boyfriend of former Rickey Smiley show co-host Ebony Steele. He is a ex con hustler who was seriously involved with Ebony for over 2 years. He came up using her when he first got out of prison. She thought he was going to marry her. After he was done with her he came up on Shirley at the hair salon that Ebony was going to at the time. Now less than a year after breaking Ebony’s heart he is proposing to Shirley? Hell to the naw!!!