Amber Vinson

Three American health care workers, one white, one Asian, and one black, were diagnosed with Ebola and eventually recovered. Guess which one was not invited to the White House for a staged photo op with President Obama?

Amber Vinson, 29, was discharged from Emory Hospital in Atlanta on Tuesday with a clean bill of health. She tested negative for Ebola just 9 days after she was admitted to Emory.

But Vinson was the only health care worker who was not extended an invitation to meet with the president. The reason is obvious. Vinson was one of 2 nurses who treated Liberian national Thomas Eric Duncan, who died of Ebola in a Dallas hospital on Oct. 8.

Rather than stay home for 3 weeks and monitor her temperature as she was instructed, Vinson phoned the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta and requested permission to board a plane to Ohio, knowing she had a fever.

Vinson, an experienced intensive care nurse, was fully aware of the symptoms of Ebola. But her selfishness and desire to be the center of attention at her bridesmaids fitting got in the way of public safety. In typical CYA (cover your ass) mode, Vinson passed the blame on to the CDC, saying the CDC told her it was okay to fly with a fever.

Instead of staging a photo op with the most hated nurse in America, President Obama called her on the phone and wished her well.

Meanwhile, Mr. Obama’s golf buddy Ron Klain, the Ebola “Czar” who doesn’t have a medical background, is circulating a memo within the White House suggesting that the U.S. send State Dept. planes to West Africa to fetch non-citizen Ebola patients and bring them to the U.S. for treatment.

The following are excerpts from the memo:

“Come to an agreed State Department position on the extent to which non-U.S. citizens will be admitted to the United States for treatment of Ebola Virus Disease.”

“Recommendation: That State and DHS devise a system for expeditious parole of Ebola-infected non-citizens into the United States as long as they are otherwise eligible for medical evacuation from the Ebola affected countries and for entry into the United States.”

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