gold Apple Watch

Megastars such as Beyonce enjoy certain perks like free clothing and shoes, free hair weave, and complimentary dinners at the finest restaurants. Case in point: Apple reportedly gifted Beyonce with a limited edition gold Apple Watch. The dazzling watch comes with a solid gold link bracelet that will not be available in Apple stores.

The gold link band created a buzz on social media because, as explains, it will only be available in silver and black when it does hit Apple stores on April 24.

Even if you splurged on the top-of-the line Apple Watch for $17,000, you still couldn’t buy a gold link band to go with it — at least not in an Apple store.

gold Apple Watch


The Verge’s Chris Ziegler has one theory; this ultra-luxurious Edition model is quietly being made available to the wealthiest of Apple’s customers, but it’s intentionally hidden from public view and Apple’s promotional materials, perhaps to shield a price tag that could run into the tens and tens of thousands of dollars..

But the other, easier-to-digest explanation is that this is something the public will never be able to buy regardless of a customer’s wealth. Apple could simply be gifting the gold band to its celebrity pals (and the company certainly loves Beyoncé) and influential design figures to stir up interest and more publicity as the April 24th launch approaches.

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