The bullies on known collectively as ‘Black Twitter’ influence social change through the use of conflagrant #Hashtags such as the #NoFlagginChallenge social media campaign.

The #NoFlagginChallenge encourages lawless thugs to rip down Confederate flags wherever they see one — be it on a house or on a semi truck. The campaign comes just days after South Carolina removed the last Confederate flag flying over the Capitol in the U.S.

But I guess that won’t enough. Agitators want the flag removed from private property as well.

It matters not that these useful idiots are risking their lives to steal other people’s property. Since when do morals matter when certain groups think they are entitled to have their way?

I guess Black Twitter will scream foul when someone gets shot for vandalizing property? It’s always someone else’s fault when morons are killed during the commission of a crime.