Confederate flag

July 4, 2015 will be remembered for the U.S. women’s soccer team’s historic 3x World Cup win over Japan and all the fighting that broke out over a flag.

Confederate flag

Black-on-black crime is destroying our communities. A 7-year-boy was among nine killed and 46 wounded by gun violence in Chicago over the holiday weekend. Yet you fight over a flag?

Instead of shouting “take it down”, we should be shouting “put it down” — as in put down the guns and stop the violence!

Whatever happened to choosing your battles wisely? This is not our fight. The Confederate flag has been flapping in the wind in most southern cities for over a century. Why now all of a sudden you want it taken down?

The acts of violence committed against people who wave the Confederate flag are particularly troubling. None of those people deserved to be beaten simply for standing up for what they believe in. No more than unarmed black men deserve to be shot and killed because a cop felt threatened by his blackness.

Confederate flag

Can’t you see that when you fight over a piece of material on a flagpole you are playing into the hands of the racist white media who are anxious for a race war?

No wonder America has lost its status as a world power.

Do better, Americans!