Media magnate Oprah Winfrey was ambushed outside the the Late SHow Studios by her “secret son” on Oct. 15.

Calvin Mitchell, who as a child was befriended by the billionaire, is now stalking the 61-year-old media tycoon.

Mitchell says he met Oprah at ABC Studios when he was only 12. He said he ducked past security and handed Oprah a cold beverage he grabbed out of an ice chest. Mitchell says Oprah was impressed by his determination and she took a liking to the spunky youngster.

The rest of the story is told only by Mitchell.

He claims Oprah took him into her inner circle and treated him like a son. He claims she took him for weekend getaways with her and Stedman Graham, her long-suffering boyfriend.

But Mitchell claims Graham wouldn’t allow Oprah to move him into her magnificent Chicago penthouse with them.

Instead, he says Oprah paid for him to live at a Mississippi boarding school. But eventually, Mitchell says he became homesick and returned to Chicago.

After he dropped out of school, he says Oprah refused to have anything more to do with him.

She stopped taking his phone calls and banned him from Harpo Studios, he says.

Ever since then, the troubled Mitchell has stalked Oprah, demanding her love and affection.

With help of The National Enquirer, Mitchell flew to New York. and ambushed Oprah outside the Late Show Studio 2 weeks ago.

Mitchell claims Oprah’s continued rejection sent him on a “downward spiral.”

Oprah might need to take out a restraining order or beef up her security detail. This could get ugly.

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