Shedeur Sanders

Deion Sanders‘ sons, Shedeur and Shilo, apparently sided with their mother, Pilar, in their parents ongoing dispute.

Shedeur Sanders aired out his family’s dirty laundry in posts on on Christmas day.

“My dad just kicked me and Shilo out the house on Christmas,” Shedeur wrote. “Me and Shilo went to see our dad and to pick up [their sister] Shelomi – my dad kicked me and Shilo out the house and said he wanted to spend Christmas with his son and daughter talking about Bucky and Deiondra.”

He added: “My dad was mad because we got are [sic] ear [sic] pierced with our mom. Everyone in the household had their ears pierced but once me and Shilo got it, it’s a problem.

Their mother, Pilar Sanders is scheduled to report to jail for a week in January for previously violating the terms of her child custody agreement.

She has proven to be bitter and vindictive int he past. It should come as no surprise that she would encourage her sons to defy their father who told his sons not to pierce their ears.

Sheduer is only 13, Shilo is 15.

Shedeur Sanders and Shilo Sanders

Hopefully when Shilo and Shedeur grow up to be men they will regret publicizing a private family matter on social media.

They will realize the sacrifices their father made for them. And they will see how their mother manipulated them to turn against their dad.

Children who don’t mind their parents don’t deserve Christmas gifts. Mr. Sanders used tough love instead of his fists to discipline his sons. He didn’t throw his sons into the street; he sent them to their mother since they refuse to abide by his rules.

Deion is no different from any other father battling a bitter ex-wife for the love of his kids. Usually the parent with less rules and less discipline wins the kids over.

Deion did his best to raise his sons to be men but he may have lost the battle to his cunning ex-wife.

Hopefully Deion’s sons will delete their social media posts and keep their family matters private. This is a private matter that should be settled behind closed doors.

Shilo Sanders

Shilo Sanders