Houston oil company gifts

All 1,381 employees of a Houston oil company will receive huge bonus checks in their Christmas stockings this year.

Each employee of Hilcorp Energy Company will receive $100,000 in Christmas bonus money for helping their company make FORTUNE’s 100 Best Companies to Work For list.

Hilcorp has doubled in size over the last 5 years, and the company made FORTUNE’s 100 Best Companies to Work For list 3 years in a row.

Some Hilcorp employees tell Fox affiliate Fox 26 they will use the money to retire early, remodel their homes, go on vacation, or put their children through college.

Houston oil company gifts

Company secretary Amanda Thompson (pictured above) said the 100K bonus was a “true gift.”

Thompson, who worked for the company for 10 years, said the bonuses are a good reason “not to give any less than one hundred percent each day.”

She recalled the last time her bosses handed out huge Christmas bonuses in 2010.

Each employee was offered the choice of a $50,000 car or a check for $35,000.

“Mr. Jeff Hildebrand (CEO), and our president Greg Lalicker, they are such amazing motivators,” said Thompson.

“Some days I just kind of look down the hall and say I can’t believe these are my bosses and they’re the best.” she added.