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school shooting at Arizona high school

A Glendale, Arizona high school is on lockdown after 2 teenage girls were shot to death Friday morning.

Both girls sustained single gunshot wounds, according to police officer Tracey Breeden, who added "the weapon was found near them."

Police responded to 911 calls of a shooting at Independence high school just before 8 a.m.

Emergency responders arrived to find the 2 girls dead of single gunshot wounds.

There is no active shooter in the school, police confirm to ABC Affiliate ABC15.

Police did not confirm if the shootings were the result of a murder/suicide or a suicide pact between the 2 girls.

Breeden released a statement calling the shootings an "isolated incident" and reassured parents "your children are safe."

Parents were instructed to meet their children at a nearby Walmart.

  • Yoni

    OH MY! Almighty bless!

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    Good Lord :(

  • Mel

    This is just sad all around ?

  • Readytochokemothernatureonout

    My heart goes out to both families....

  • puppylove

    Wonders if the girls were gay lovers. This was a storyline on Grey's anatomy last season.

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    They were only in the 10th grade :( My gawd..

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    Same thought!

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    There's an angle. :thinks: I just thought it was kids doing that stupid suicide pact shit.

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    OMG I can't.

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    Hey Zeta :)

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  • 1/8

    This sounds like a lesbian suicide pact.

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    And on that note, I'll be back. I'm on my "aint gon be shyt" status today, and this post gives me the sads. *goes to do some work*

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    Can we get an open post please Sandra? I have a question .

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    Jesus ...... prayers to the family

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    You should have joined .just an idea?

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    Do you know if that is.usually the case with suicide pacts?

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    OMG... it couldn't be that bad.
    I pray for their parents!

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    You guys have a GREAT WEEKEND AND VALETINES DAY....and if you are single...DON'T LET NOBODY MAKE YOU FEEL LESS THAN WHAT YOU ARE BECAUSE YOU ARE SINGLE....hell one Valentines Day when I was in college...I learned how to LOVE my damnself...:wink:

  • 1/8

    I'm not a lesbian. I'm not suicidal. I don't live in Arizona. Thanks for the suggestion.

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    Same to you Zeta?

  • 1/8

    People agree to joint suicides for many reasons, but there's usually a religious or romantic component.

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    Waiting to see if that crisis actor shows up to this shooting.

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    Thank you I'm single and I make it happen for myself. I think that's why I'm still single per my family. They said i have been single for so long that I walk around like I don't need no one. Whatever that means.

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    Something like this just happened with 2 high school girls in Texas.

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    sadly I know who you're talking about :facepalm:

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    same to you hun :)

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    THis could be a love triangle gone wrong.

  • Yoni

    She's suspect then. The modern day Grim Reaper if you will.

  • ohplease

    I live in Arizona, it is the Wild, Wild West here literally. Guns are too easy to get here. People are able to carry them in a holster into stores and other public places, they claim they do it to protect us from the crazies but how do I know you are not the crazy. Those poor girls, have mercy.

  • GTFOHWTBS Were they white

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    Oh you got to be quicker than that. Lol

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    Sounds like teenage angst lesbo love.....gone bad

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    Me too...but I actually Wrote it ?? up there. My bad ?

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    I'm like 200% sure they were white

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    Thank you! I was all in my feelings. Have a wonderful weekend!

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    so sad...sending prayers now...

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    I work on base right down the block from this sad

  • Lane

    sad, breakups between couples is always hard, when one of them feels if i can have you no one can, its really sad male or female, a teen relationship is not enough to kill the other over, its has nothing to do with them being lesbians, its puppy love that ended tragic.

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    Thank you for that I needed it. Have a blessed weekend urself

  • SandraRose

    Expect to see more copycat teen murder/suicides in schools.

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