Joseline Hernandez

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star Joseline Hernandez is busy promoting the LHHATL Reunion on According to her, there’s a gay sex tape featuring 2 cast members. Let me guess: Mimi Faust and her “ex” Chris Gould? *Yawn*

AJC Radio & TV Talk’s Rodney Ho has your recap after the break.

Joseline Hernandez

AJC Radio & TV Talk — Tommie confronts Scrapp over a receipt she found in Scrapp’s car with Karlie’s name on it. She attacks Scrapp and they are then quickly separated. Scrapp lies to her face and denies he is doing anything with Karlie. His twisted rationale:

“Reason I’m not telling the truth is because the truth hurts. My momma taught me to lie to people you care about to protect their feelings.”

Yes. Karen “KK” King is a great person to take advice, eh? (Just arrested again this past week!)

Tommie, who knows he’s lying, tries to get “revenge” by cozying up with Stevie J to try to work on her so-called music career. And like other women on this show, her way of “flirting” is to show off her big butt. Stevie’s reaction is to lick his lips. Ugh. Anyway, Scrapp isn’t as angry as she had anticipated and then she starts crying.

Scrapp is clearly using Karlie for some mental (and physical) relief from all this stress before he goes off to prison for five years for pot trafficking. But he’s generating more drama as a result. Trouble follows this dude around.

Later, Tommie tracks down Karlie at her studio, insults her and tries to attack her, too. The security guards don’t even allow them to touch before they take her out of the room. In this case, Karlie inexplicably denies sleeping with Scrapp instead of just embracing her little short-lived love triangle.

Karlie didn’t seem all that disappointed when she heard Scrapp was going to prison (which will be featured next Monday.) She must be just thrilled she actually has her own story line! Congratulations Karlie!

Other storylines:

  • Stevie J has more love children?
  • Is a Dime threesome forthcoming?
  • Ernest airs his troubles with Momma Dee