Shane Tomlinson

Shane Tomlinson was listed among those killed by deranged gunman Omar Mateen at Orlando gay bar Pulse nightclub early Sunday.

Tomlinson, 33, was the lead singer of The Frequency Band, which performed at private events and clubs across Central Florida, according to Fox News.

Friends of the swarthy singer and model are devastated that he’s gone.

Zee Renta, an Orlando bartender, told the media she stayed up all night desperately searching the victims list for his name.

“We kept refreshing that victims list, praying that name is just not on there,” she told the National Post. “We were up all night checking that victim list.”

She posted an Instagram photo of Tomlinson, asking the local media for any information.

“I need to know he’s alive,” she told the National Post. “There’s been so many victims already.”

When Tomlinson’s death was confirmed, Renta and other friends took to social media to mourn his passing.

Tomlinson performed with his band at 8 p.m. Sunday night, before heading to Pulse to enjoy the “Latin Night” festivities.

“I cant believe this RIP Shane Tomlinson this is sad… Rest in peace brother and keep singing in the heavens!” tweeted a friend on Monday.