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Anthony Weiner

Disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner confirmed rumors that his wife Huma Abedin chose Hillary Clinton over sex with him.

In a text exchange with a buxom brunette, Weiner complained bitterly that he and Abedin rarely had sex.

Abedin, who is Clinton's personal aide and partner in crime, announced she was separating from Weiner after the NY Post published a vulgar photo of him sexting the woman while his son lay next to him.

Daily Caller -- In a direct message on Twitter in January 2015, Weiner said he was in a “busted up marriage.”

“So busted marriage = pent up frustration??” the woman — who had previously told Weiner she was in a long distance relationship with someone — responded. “So does long distance relationships.” (RELATED: Huma Abedin And Anthony Weiner Are Separating)

“Yeah but 11 days a month is a lot of sex,” Weiner said back.

“If you’re lucky,” she replied.

Then, referring to himself, Weiner said, “One sex in 60 days?”

“Crash & burn,” the woman replied.

  • <—Doesn'tTalkToStrangers

    Pillow Talk

    Fugg this mofo ?

    ?He AINT FINNA BE chillin all up in the WH???

  • SingleGalCrazyWorld

    He got his wife out here looking like a fool. If I was his wife he wouldn't get a whiff of it with his ole' cheating azz

  • MissyJ

    Cue his leaked medical report saying he can't get it up....

  • YaYa

    she's probably scared he may bring home an incurable disease

  • DiamondsDiet

    Probably because she's afraid to catch something.

  • Let Your Soul Glow

    She don't know where his dingaling been! I wouldn't screw him either.

  • iWasteTime

    I don't blame her ass!

  • Vonn

    That's because he keeps putting his Weiner in other women's buns.

  • Brenden’s Back #BlockDeez?

    It would be sooooooo bomb if his first name was Richard?? His parent really missed a golden opportunity with that one?? Get it? Golden...Get it? No? Man screw yall?

  • SameoleJ

    I got it.....we all got it!! But that lackluster picture, next to the sleeping baby removes the humor for this dude.

  • LithiumHaitianFlower

    Is sex all he ever needed from his wife? Lol

  • LeBrick James

    I dunno... but maybe if he had a sausage instead of just a "weiner" she'd want to have sex with him more often.


  • Brenden’s Back #BlockDeez?

    I knew I shoulda kept them Lucius toes?

  • SameoleJ

    He took this line for Macking 101: I ain't getting none at home. She doesn't give me any attention. I feel so alone. I don't feel like a man.

  • harley_quinn2.0

    Can you blame her? The man is a deviant.

  • MookieFly

    The most insulting thing is that he sent an almost naked pic with his baby laying next to him. Practically smacking the poor child in the head with his willy smh

  • <—Doesn'tTalkToStrangers

    Right! FOMF with that Thang!!! ???

  • nucynu25

    I had an idiot use try that on me a couple of days ago ..bihhh you got the wrong one on yo FAM & leave me tf alone .

  • Mel

    That's cause she disgusted by him I'm surprised they have a child .

  • January Jones

    Because she is not attracted to Men. Huma and Hilary have been lovers for like 15 years or something like that. Hilary is a stud on the low and was very successful with the ladies back in the 70's and 80's too until Bill started running for political offices.

  • Brenden’s Back #BlockDeez?

    Oh please. As if you'd turn down peen? What's the name of that guy you met in the park? The one who poots when he c*ms???? Did you ever find out his annual income?????

  • hottlanta

    I don't blame her. How you gonna feel sexy when you got the CDC truck in the driveway and a blood transfusion tube besides the bed. Then when you rollover when it is over you get poked in the eye with some penicillin pills. Smart woman.

  • LeBrick James

    The marriage is already over....We're just staying together for the kids... After the kids get grown we're planning to divorce... She already has a boyfriend she's dealing with... blah blah blah...

  • <—Doesn'tTalkToStrangers

    It's BIG?Tis why I deal with the pootcomin ??????

  • Brenden’s Back #BlockDeez?


  • Finding Forever…

    Welllll...what one won't do there is alwaysss another that's willing & able. In the same breath this isn't your FIRST time getting "caught out there", so no wonder you AIN'T gettin' no cutty. Instead of working on your issues you cheat...and cheat...cheat? Well for every action there's a reaction, sucka. Go find your peace, love & happiness DESERVE it.

  • YaYa

    and then got the nerve to have their child in one of the pictures

  • BelieveWhatYouCNotWhatYouRead

    I wouldn't trust him caring for my child. Clearly he has no respect for boundaries, including his son's. Laying in the bed, next to his CHILD, with an erect non-bun length wiener taking pics and sexting. What the cussword? Ninja...absolutely NOT!

  • LA

    That was disgusting of him, ugh!

  • Dee

    He and his wife has some strong jaw lines. He is one skinny ugly mofo.

  • LA


  • LeBrick James

    "non-bun length" weiner?


  • Cricket404

    So she wasn't taking care of her wife duties, I figured she was ambitious and he was horny.

  • Look@m3

    Uhm...I wouldn't either bruh have you seen your track record yet?

  • Look@m3

    I would too...Bruh have you seen your track record lately???

  • Junkanoo

    She's married to her job and that seems to be her primary focus. Why she remained in marriage after she realized her husband is addicted to sex is a mystery because she's too busy with work

  • Finding Forever…

    Public humiliation is a mutha. I'd killed his a$$ with my damn baby in that pic. Trifling as hell for cheating & whatnot, but then you put the baby in the mix too. Limp di#k bastard. She should've left his behind with the first ordeal because he has no good in him. None at all. Those republicans probably dug this up, LOL. The last name should've tipped her off to what she would be dealing and the same.

  • LeBrick James

    Yup. And it happens to women every single day.
    I have two friends/acquaintances who caught some incurable stuff, and it had them messed them up real bad mentally for a while.

  • Finding Forever…

    who caught some incurable stuff
    Did the couples stay together? Anyone catch a case or two or three? Just wonderin'...

  • MzFutureLCSW

    He turns her off, I bet.
    Men, stop chasing women after they get the woman. At that point the woman may begin to "dry up" and not want to be intimate.

  • Junkanoo

    That's what I heard, you can't put anything past these people they lie,cheat and kill like it's nothing

  • Readytochokemothernatureonout

    Didn't care about him way back then and today certainly ain't changing, however that's certainly something that would have him looking elsewhere as we know some probably including him don't emm need this excuse.

  • Jessica

    Most married men who lie to get sex tell that same lie. Why believe him?

  • LeBrick James

    One of them caught it from an ex-boyfriend, so by the time she found out they had already broken up.
    The other one caught it from her husband. She still stayed with him, and he swore he’d never cheat again. But when she caught him cheating the second time that was it. She dumped him and they're now divorced.

  • LeBrick James

    Because the really smooth one are very believable.

  • Fendi aka Erin Blockabitch

    Alienation of affection. I figured as much.

  • NaeNae2015

    ".........chose Hillary Clinton over sex with him" I'm DEAD. Nobody can throw shade like Auntie!!! LOL

  • hottlanta

    If you had to look at that face and body for eternity you will switch to the other side to.

  • Nancy Drew is Ab Fab!

    CDC ...LMAO!!!

  • Sucker Free

    Yo gravi that dingleberries ?

  • hottlanta

    Anytime you gotta put on one of them blue lab coats that tie in the back, wash your hands, put on rubber gloves, put them paper socks on your feet and a Michael Jackson mouth mask before you make love to your partner, it's time to go. I would be tired putting all of that stuff on just to get some.

  • hottlanta

    Back in the good ole sexual years of the 70's all we had to worry about was VD. Go down to the clinic get your shot in your azz, wait 2 weeks and you are good. (I don't know anything about that. That is what I heard) Now you might wake up with some big/crusty lobster looking thang holding onto your stuff and you can't get it off.

  • Enoughsaid2020

    She didn't trust him, so it's best there are separated, and he has a sex addiction, so he needs help. He might want to change his last name. LOL!

  • just being me

    This is a typical relationship now in days .. How many times have you heard one she go the ring she didnt want to have sex anymore or once we started a real relationship she stop having sex and it works for guys also .. I dont even see why people getting a relationship or get married anymore they all seem to be so unhappy like they cant be themselves anymore .. Stay singe have your fun or marry somebody and be in an open relationship there are plenty of people that wont mind they just want the ring and to do it for show .

  • Sexy Lexy

    THIS is what happens when women lie to themselves ... she knew who this man was and so I don't understand her reasons for staying and also he keeps getting blown up because he won't just admit he needs to be single and as freaky as he wants to be - PSA YOU DON'T HAVE TO CHEAT YOU TOO CAN BE SINGLE AND DO WHATEVER YOU WANT ....why don't people UNDERSTAND this - scratches head LOL

  • Kilroy

    From what we hear, it was rePORTED that Weiner's wife likes Hillary's taco. That is all...

  • TheRealLee

    Then he should have gotten a divorce and screw with women that like peen. That simple.

  • Sexy Lexy


  • Sexy Lexy

    what you heard huh ? LMFAOOOOO and lobsters too ... hahahahaha

  • gellie

    He's a rancid pervert. That has nothing to do with Hillary.

  • DroneRivers


  • NothingIsImpossible


  • Zizzle

    All of your writing reads like The Onion or a Hannibal Buress stand-up. Are you ever serious?

  • Zizzle

    Complete with contrived connection to the Clinton campaign.

  • MissyJ

    Had a teacher name Richard Sac back in the day

  • Butter

    That's why he's cheating!

  • Brazen Beauty

    I don't blame her, with all the STD's going around, I would not extend any poonai his way ever. He is an exhibitionist and an over grown cry baby. His wife should have ran as fast as she could the first go around. The moral of this story. "keep your weiner in your pants".

  • Brenden’s Back #BlockDeez?


  • Cat88L3

    I agree...In That Order!!!

  • the guest

    Thank you. It's painful to read about his antics. Nothing amusing about this at all. He has humiliated her in the worst way. And he's a jealous vindictive man. Because he messed up his career, he's trying to mess up her opportunities by embarrassing her even though her job feeds the family! I cant stand men like him. His wife's a public figure and he's going around talking crap about her to strangers online. What has he done to win his wife's heart lately?

  • January Jones


  • DiamondsDiet

    How can he be horny with a baby under him? Jeepers creepers!

  • lovelygamour

    I have never heard of him "cheating". Its always texts and pictures. He not even calling them. Now I think he did a craiglist ad but we still never heard about se--------- x. He is just in the middle of a smear campaign. People have full on mistresses but this guy cant text. Come on.
    Just like governor spitzer. The man was holding wallstreet to the fire and you new yorkers let them run all over him. He went to a clean upscale place and paid handsomely. People keeping senators that harrass aides. I think that intelligent blunders that dont cost tax payer dollars should be forgiven. He wasnt on the corner and he didnt make her chief of staff.

  • Django the God

    Probably from that white.

  • JayCee087


    Rumor has it that the only man Hitlery ever had a thing for was Webster Hubbell, who Chelsea Clinton looks A LOT like him....

  • Nancy Drew is Ab Fab!

    I hear you, Lol!?

  • jazmine

    Wow so she really is smart

  • LexGirl

    As much sh!t that he has been caught doing, I wouldn't let him put that lil thang near me either! With his nasty a$$!

  • LexGirl

    HE is disgusting!

  • January Jones

    I know!! I heard the rumors. He made her a partner at his law firm 2 years before Chelsea was born and resigned a year after she was born which is a lot that could happen in a 3 year time span. Maybe I'm reaching though lol.

  • S T

    Ow. The lobster imagery just pained me. Lol.

  • Deetruth

    Connect the dots !! His wife and Hilary are lesbian lovers that is the reason why Bill Clinton and Anthony Wiener always cheating! And Huma is a Muslim Activist who help Hilary get a lot of money from the Middle East !! Crooked women !!!

  • Alisa

    She should dump his dumb ass it's clear he is sick and seems intent on ruining her career or her happiness. One time you get caught up ok but now he just doesn't give a damn He doesn't even try to hide or make it hard to figure out who he is. He is reckless and with his wife being close to someone like Hillary he is a liability. He should walk easy because I hv a feeling he may not be alive much longer. Someone or something will silence him

  • PussyGal0re

    Old news. Hill turned Huma out a long time ago. Wiener was the fall guy (her weave) and she wanted kids. He was supposed to rise politically, it was certain, but he couldn't keep his weiner in his pants lol. It was his payment for being Huma's moustache but he f?cked it up. Huma/Hillary finally had enough. The first time, Hillary advised Huma to stay with Weiner and work things out. This time around he's out on his unemployed ass. And why do they keep saying he's "unemployable"? Wal Mart is hiring!

  • yoliewinecorporation

    IMO Hillary has nothing to do with their Marriage. Divorce his nasty perverted ass. Dude not worth a shit. Disgusting!!

  • UCan’t FoolMe

    I call

  • Miss Jonesy

    She's too busy getting it somewhere else... Which is why he has to resort to being an internet freak....they are all a bunch of nasty asses!

  • Miss Jonesy