Sean Combs Cassie Ventura

According to gossip tabloid TMZ, hip hop mogul Sean Combs and longtime girlfriend Cassie Ventura broke up following a verbal altercation on Wednesday afternoon.

Sources tell TMZ that Combs, 46, and Cassie, 29, got into a heated argument in a chauffeur driven car.

But sources tell that Cassie told Combs they were done because she was tired of being part of his harem. When the argument escalated, Cassie apparently told him she had evidence of rumors that have plagued his career.

Combs reportedly became enraged and snatched her cell phone out of her hand. He began scrolling frantically through the phone searching for said evidence.

TMZ claims Combs jumped out of the car with the phone in hand in Beverly Hills, and Cassie begged the driver to take her home.

Combs eventually arrived home and returned her phone, then he took 2 of his cars parked outside and left.

Cassie’s mother called the cops when Cassie told her about the phone incident. When police showed up at the house Cassie explained she got her phone back so they left, but not before writing up a domestic incident report.