gas prices in Atlanta

Last week, I was filling up my car at a RaceTrac gas station in Buckhead when I noticed a local TV news crew interviewing a customer at the next pump. At the time I had no clue that Atlanta was in the midst of a gas shortage. I didn’t notice any long lines or fistfights at the pumps that day. Well, that might change this week as local gas stations run out of gas.

According to the, there are only a handful of gas stations that still have gas in Atlanta after a pipeline leak in Alabama last week.

The Metro area is feeling the pinch as gas stations hike prices to gouge their customers.

Gov. Nathan Deal signed an order banning gas price gouging at the pumps last week.

Be prepared for long lines at the pump and maybe a few fistfights as people naturally panic when they hear the words “gas shortage”.

But help is on the way. Gas tankers are lining up to service stations that ran out over the weekend. So have patience.

If you think you’re going to run out of gas before you make it to the pump, make sure you purchase only approved gas containers that meets OSHA’s strict requirements for transporting gasoline.

The AJC compiled a list of the stations in Atlanta that are still selling gasoline.

The average price of gas per gallon in the north metro area is $2.47 according to


      Costco, 6350 Peachtree Dunwoody Road & Crestline Parkway
      QuikTrip, 8200 Dunwoody Place near Roberts Drive
      Kroger, 227 Sandy Springs Place & Hammond Drive
      QuikTrip, 7884 Roswell Road & Grogans Ferry Road
      Kroger, 4920 Roswell Road near Long Island Drive


      Sam’s Club, 4400 N. Main St. near Blue Mountain Road
      Murphy Express, 3624 N. Main St. & W. Tierra Berrenda Drive
      Conoco, 2600 W. Second St. & Sycamore Street
      United Express, 1140 S. Main St. & W. McGaffey Road
      Valero, 1500 N. Garden Ave. & College Avenue


      Costco, 2855 Jordan Court near Windward Parkway
      Sam’s Club, 10600 Davis Drive near Mansell Road
      Shell, 560 N. Main St. & Vaughn Drive
      QuickTrip, 3190 Old Milton Parkway & Morris Road
      Racetrac, 2645 Old Milton Parkway & Westside Parkway


      Shell, 3790 Mansell Road near Old Alabama Road
      Shell, 11580 Jones Bridge Road & Kimball Bridge Road
      QuikTrip, 10920 State Bridge Road & Jones Bridge Road
      BP, 9915 Haynes Bridge Road & Old Alabama Road
      Kroger, 11877 Douglas Road & Jones Bridge Road