Michelle Obama

A “low-level” White House staffer is the latest victim of the online hacker group DC Leaks. The group leaked a data dump that contains sensitive White House travel schedules for the first lady Michelle Obama.

Also contained in the leak is Mrs. Obama’s identification documents including her passport.

The White House staffer who was so easily hacked is one Ian Mellul — who also apparently does “advance work” for the Hillary Clinton campaign, according to the NY Post.

The data dump also contained travel schedules for Hillary Clinton, including when and where she is meeting with certain individuals.

Embarrassing stuff if you take into account the repercussions that would occur if this information fell into the wrong hands.

The hacker wrote in an email to the NY Post:

“The leaked files show the security level of our government. If terrorists hack emails of White House Office staff and get such sensitive information we will see the fall of our country.”

The hacker adds, “We hope you will tell the people about this criminal negligence of White House Office staffers.”

Michelle Obama