Dana Rivers

LGBT news media and blog sites continue to ignore the tragic case of a deranged female impersonator who murdered a lesbian couple and their son.

Dana Rivers, 61, (pictured far left) murdered lesbian couple Patricia Wright, 57, (pictured left) Charlotte Reed, 56, (pictured right) and Wright’s son Benny Diambu-Wright, 19, in their Oakland, California home earlier this month.

After shooting Diambu-Wright, Rivers shot and then stabbed Wright and Reed before attempting to torch the couple’s home to conceal evidence.

Rivers, who was born David Warfield, was arrested at the crime scene on November 11 as he tried to flee on Reed’s motorcycle.

Rivers and Reed were members of the same all-woman motorcycle club. Rumor has it that he became enraged when Reed rejected his sexual advances and refused to view him as a lesbian.

The few mainstream media outlets who reported on the story misidentified Rivers as a woman.

This misidentification skews national crime statistics to show biological women are committing more violent crimes, including murder and rape, when it is men who are responsible for 96% of all murders and rapes in America.

Rivers is a heterosexual male who gained fame in the 1990s as a self-described transgender activist.

Desperate for attention, he appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, among others, after he was terminated from Center High School in Sacramento for discussing his sex change with students two decades ago.

He sued the school district and was awarded $150,000 in damages.

Michael Campbell, the father of Wright’s other son, Khari, described both murdered women as “normal moms.”

Campbell said the two women had three children between them.

Reed was a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and owned a hair salon in San Jose.

Wright was a retired teacher who worked part-time at an Oakland elementary school as a computer prep teacher.

Wright’s other son Khari Campbell-Wright, 19, said he knew Rivers.

“I don’t know the whole confines of what was going on,” Campbell-Wright said. “I know she (Rivers) was in a motorcycle club. My mom had no part of it. My brother had no part of it.

“Wrong place, wrong time,” he said.