Charlie Sheen Donald Trump

With 2016 snatching Hollywood stars in the final days before the new year, actor Charlie Sheen called on God to add one more name to the Grim Reaper’s list: President-elect Donald Trump.

After news broke of the death of Debbie Reynolds on Wednesday, Sheen, 51, took to and wrote: “Dear God; Trump next, please!” six times followed by a middle finger emoji and a copyright symbol.

The post was retweeted 18,000 times by Sheen’s followers.

Normally threats on the president’s life are taken very seriously. But since Sheen is an idiot, the Secret Service probably won’t bother to investigate.

Sheen, who is HIV positive, is a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter. Clinton’s foundation was accused of participating in a scheme to raise the price of HIV/AIDS drugs by selling “watered down” drugs in Asia and the US.

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