Donald Trump Kanye West

Kanye West visited Trump Tower in NYC for a scheduled meeting with President-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday morning.

After meeting with the Donald privately, the 39-year-old musician and Trump, 70, posed for photos in the lobby of the opulent Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue.

West, who visited New York City for the first time since his alleged mental breakdown, told reporters, “I just want to take a picture right now,” when asked if he had anything to day.

After taking photos together, Trump told West, “So long. You take care of yourself. I’ll see you soon”.

West was hospitalized on Nov. 21 — coincidentally the same day he canceled his nearly sold out Saint Pablo Tour — and days after he admitted he would’ve voted for Trump.

West’s involuntary 72-hour psychiatric hold at UCLA Medical Center led some insiders to speculate he was faking a mental breakdown for insurance purposes.

An inside source revealed that West was “emotionally and physically exhausted” from non-stop touring. The public backlash to his Trump comments wounded his tender sensibilities and pushed him even more to quit the tour.

But there was the problem of the 21 remaining dates and the $30 million he was leaving on the table — cash that he and his wife sorely needed to maintain their lavish lifestyle.

“It left him no choice but to claim a mental breakdown,” said the source who begged for anonymity.

That same source said that Trump’s security team probably wouldn’t allow a man who was recently diagnosed with “temporary psychosis” anywhere near Trump, unless they were assured there was nothing wrong with him.

The important thing to remember is that the “house call” doctor who diagnosed West with “temporary psychosis” is not a trained mental health professional, and therefore he was not qualified to make such a diagnosis.