Amazon has once again come under fire for its harsh treatment of employees.

Seasonal workers in Scotland are so worried about losing their minimum wage jobs that they pitched tents in the woods to be close to work.

The Christmas season is the busiest time of year for the Seattle, Washington based online commerce corporation.

According to the Courier UK newspaper, a reporter spotted a few tents in the woods near the Amazon fulfillment warehouse in Fife, Scotland.

The Fife facility is the size of 4 football fields and employs 4,000 seasonal workers to fill online orders.

One skittish worker who was spotted camping in the woods didn’t want to give his name. He described Amazon as a “poor employer” and criticized the working practices.

Amazon defended its 60-hour workweeks, saying it valued its employees.

“Amazon should be ashamed that they pay their workers so little that they have to camp out in the dead of winter to make ends meet,” Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie told The Courier.

“They pay a small amount of tax and received millions of the pounds from the SNP Government so the least they should do is pay the proper living wage.