NY Post

The Associated Press reports that Homeland Security agents continue to enforce Trump’s executive order banning immigrants from 7 Muslim countries despite a federal order halting deportations of people being detained at airports.

“The Department of Homeland Security will continue to enforce all of President Trump’s Executive Orders in a manner that ensures the safety and security of the American people,” the agency announced in a statement on Sunday.

The ACLU reports that customs agents are willfully defying a Brooklyn federal judge’s temporary order not to deport travelers from seven terror-linked countries.

DHS agents are still deporting people who entered the country without green cards or work visas.

White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus confirmed Sunday that Trump’s executive order does not include green card holders.

In related news, President Trump is reviving a long forgotten program to deputize local police to enforce federal immigration laws. The program fell out of favor with Democratic presidents.