Sean Combs

Rap mogul Sean “Puffy” Combs has had it with washed up rappers and reality stars manufacturing fake drama on social media for ‘Likes’ and followers.

The 47-year-old business tycoon deleted his social media accounts, expressing dismay at the amount of “buffooning” in today’s hip-hop industry.

“The culture’s getting killed. I’m in amazement by what’s going on in the world,” Combs said. “It’s too much cooning and buffooning going on, too much… I can’t believe this is what hip-hop has become…”

Combs isn’t the only entertainer complaining about the coonery displayed daily on, and by washed up entertainers such as Chris Brown, Soulja Boy, Trey Songz, and reality stars.

Isaac Hayes, III, the well-respected son of the late soul icon Isaac Hayes, also complained about the decline of urban entertainment in a social media post.

“The only thing more disappointing than these young black rappers, urban artists acting like fools on social media is the silence by bigger veteran black artists not using their platform calling out this goofy sh*t.”

He added: “None care. Zero leadership.”

Isaac Hayes III

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