United Airlines

Social media is bashing United Airlines for enforcing its ban on Spandex leggings and other inappropriate clothing on flights.

It all started when a woman tweeted that United Airlines gate agents banned 5 girls traveling with her from getting on a flight wearing leggings.

Sharon Watts, a mother-of-five from Colorado who is a gun control advocate, tweeted:

“A @united gate agent isn’t letting girls in leggings get on flight from Denver to Minneapolis because spandex is not allowed?” she tweeted on Sunday. “She’s forcing them to change or put dresses on over leggings or they can’t board. Since when does @united police women’s clothing?”

Some of the girls were allowed to board the plane after wearing dresses over their Spandex. But Watts tweeted that two of the girls — 10-year-olds — were not allowed to board.

Watts tweeted United directly, asking the spokesperson to explain their dress code policy for passengers.

United Airlines responded by tweeting that the gate agents “have the right to refuse transport for passengers who are barefoot or not properly clothed.”

Airlines that offer buddy passes — tickets at a steep discount for friends and family — routinely require buddy pass holders to dress appropriately while seated in first class or business class.

This has been the policy at major airlines for decades. No one has complained until now.

Watts should be questioning her own parenting skills; allowing 10-year-old girls to wear Spandex leggings is gross misconduct.

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