In the 1990s, white women were more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer than black women. Statistics now show that black women far outnumber white women in breast cancer diagnoses.

Deaths from breast cancer among black women increased 50% to 70% higher than white women.

Cancer is a disease in which normal body cells begin to multiply rapidly, sometimes invading nearby organs. Doctors don’t know what triggers normal cells to begin multiplying out of control.

Researcher Brent Rooney says breast cancer’s rise among black women coincides with the rising rate of abortions since the 1970s.

Rooney tells Lifesite News that the sudden surge in abortions among black women can be linked directly to the Supreme Court’s landmark 1973 Roe vs Wade abortion ruling.

He said a study in 1983 found that “each one-year delay in the first full-term pregnancy (FFTP) boosts breast cancer risk by 3.5 percent compounded”.

Rooney says women who never give birth are at “a 41 percent higher risk if the [full-term pregnancy] is delayed 10 years and a 68 percent higher risk with a 15-year delay.”

He explained that women who never give birth or women who terminate their pregnancy early have underdeveloped mammary gland tissues that atrophy over time.

Mammary gland tissue that never develop into milk-producing glands are more likely to become cancerous.

The obvious answer is to get pregnant as early and as often as possible — the way God intended.

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