Jon Ossoff

In yet another crushing blow to the Democratic party, Karen Handel won Georgia’s special election to become the first female House Republican from Georgia.

Handel easily defeated Democrat Jon Ossoff, whom the Democrats branded their “Trump-killer”. The Democrats turned a meaningless local election into a referendum on President Trump — only to suffer a stinging defeat.

The Democratic party poured $40 million into a meaningless local election only to lose by a wider margin than Hillary Clinton’s loss in Georgia.

So far, the Democrats are 0-4 in special elections in the Trump era.

No one was happier for Handel than President Trump, who tweeted, “Democrats trying to get a “handle” on what just happened to them in Georgia. @karenhandel declared winner. @realDonaldTrump winner too.#GA06″

Handel’s win will hopefully kickstart President Trump’s political agenda that has become mired under false allegations of obstruction and Russia collusion.

The Democrats hoped a win in Georgia would send a message to the Republicans that the 2018 midterm elections was up for grabs.

Instead, Tuesday night’s loss sent a message to the Democratic party to start working together with Trump to unify America and to create jobs and lower taxes for the American people who put them in office. Americans want affordable health care and more money in their bank accounts, not bickering among the parties.

American propaganda network CNN, which is virulently anti-Trump, took Ossoff’s loss very hard.


Trump supporters mocked CNN on after Ossoff’s stunning defeat on Tuesday. Thousands of users retweeted photos of the long faces on CNN’s political analysts sitting at the news desk.

Cheer up CNN; you still have that Russia investigation to hang your hopes on. Maybe you can convince your viewers that the Russians meddled in the Georgia special election?