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A British woman who had worn contacts lenses for 35 years shocked her doctors when they found 27 lost contact lenses in her eye. The discovery shocked doctors who had never seen such a case before.

The 67-year-old patient was prepped for surgery at England’s Solihull Hospital to remove cataracts from her eyes. But the cataracts turned out to be a mass of 27 contact lenses lumped together.

“She was quite shocked,” ophthalmologist Rupal Morjaria told Optometry Today. “None of us have ever seen this before,” said Morjaria, who wrote about the case in the British Medical Journal.

She said she wrote about the case “because most doctors didn’t think it was possible for someone to lose so many contact lenses in their eyes without suffering from severe symptoms.”

“Patients do sometimes present with a contact lens stuck under their upper eyelid, but finding this many lenses stuck in someone’s eye is exceedingly rare,” Optometrist Henry Leonard told Optometry Today.

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