An unidentified math teacher is fed up with her students who demonstrate their support for President Donald Trump by plastering pro-Trump posters all over her classroom.

“Because I am at work, I am not going to cuss, but I do want to share with you the straight, blatant racism,” said the teacher in a video she uploaded to Facebook.com

“Apparently they think I have a problem with gap teeth, but I don’t,” she said, pointing to a mask printed with gapped teeth that they stretched across her computer monitor.

“I told you they did the whole ‘Trump thing,’” she says as she turned the camera to show posters of ‘Obama, You’re Fired,’ and ‘Make America Great Again’ memes.

“Everybody wants to tell me these kids aren’t racist, they’re just ‘rowdy’ – they better be glad I’m at work,” she said.

She proceeds down the hall to the classroom of a Mexican-American math teacher. There, she notes that the students “took the time to print out a wall” and placed it across the teacher’s door. They “build a wall,” she said.

They “built a wall,” her colleague corrects her.

“I don’t like those kids,” the unidentified teacher continues. “They’re mad disrespectful,” she said, before announcing she was going to “go post in my black teacher group” on Facebook.com.