Mona Scott Young Hazel-E

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood creator Mona Scott-Young is “disgusted” by reality TV star Hazel-E‘s rant against dark skinned women. Scott-Young is considering whether to terminate the young starlet’s contract after she referred to dark skinned women as “monkeys”.

The reality show producer is also upset that the strong faced socialite said gays should burn in hell and she “liked” a homophobic social media post on Thursday.

Hazel-E apologized for her rants on Thursday.

Scott-Young, who is rumored to be bisexual, took offense to a homophobic post by Hazel-E’s 18-year-old boyfriend, Rose Burgandy, after Hazel ‘liked’ his post on on Thursday.

According to gossip webloid TMZ, Scott-Young is pressing her production company to fire Hazel.

Sponsor Shoe Dazzle, which gave Hazel her own shoe line, also quickly distanced itself from the socialite.

Shoe Dazzle