Jennifer Jackson

Playboy magazine is reeling from the negative backlash to their decision to feature Ines Rau as the 1st ever transgender Playmate centerfold in the November 2017 issue.

Thousands of men took to social media to voice their outrage when the news broke last week. Many threatened to cancel their magazine subscriptions.

Ines Rau

Playboy defended its unpopular decision by comparing Rau to Jennifer Jackson, the mag’s first ever black Playboy Bunny and Playmate in 1965.

The magazine’s Instagram account republished angry letters to the editor after the 1965 issue featuring Jackson hit the newsstands. Then, as now, readers were resistant to change. But unlike now, racism reared its ugly head in response to a biological woman on the cover of a magazine whose readers disapproved of the model’s skin color.

Playboy‘s misguided attempt at conflating race with a sexual lifestyle didn’t go over well with black people who bristle at the comparison of LGBT rights to black civil rights.


Race can never be compared to a sexual lifestyle. Why doesn’t the mainstream media understand that comparing transgenderism to the black race is insulting and demeaning to black people?

FYI: Playboy featured the first transgender Bunny in the 1980s. But Rau is the first transgender Playmate. Only a centerfold can be considered a Playmate.

FYI II: Jean Bell was the first black Playboy Playmate to be featured on the cover, and it wasn’t until 1971 that Darine Stern, pictured below, became the first black Playmate on a cover by herself.