Wendell Brown

When Antoinette Brown saw the news that three UCLA basketball players were arrested for shoplifting in China, her heart sank. She thought about the pain their parents would go through.

“I felt bad for them because I know what we’ve been through," she said. "I thought, these poor guys and their families are going to go through hell."

Antoinette's own son, former Ball State linebacker Wendell Brown, has spent the past 14 months in a Chinese jail.

The three UCLA players were back home in Los Angeles within 2 weeks, after the President of the United States and billionaire Jack Ma intervened on their behalf.

One of the players, 18-year-old LiAngelo Ball, is the younger brother of LA Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball.

All charges have been dropped against the UCLA players and they are welcome to visit China anytime.

“Their daddy, what’s his name, LaVar Ball?” said Wendell's father, Travon King.

“Their daddy said, ‘It ain’t no big thing,’ and I thought, ‘He knows they’re going to get out.'"

Antoinette and Travon are aware that it's who you know that opens doors in China.

“So many sleepless nights,” Antoinette said. “It never makes sense. I stay up all night emailing people in China because their time is 12 hours ahead, so it’s daytime. You can never get an answer.”

When she read that President Trump demanded a thank you from the UCLA players, she said, “I’ll thank him."

“If Trump helps us, if he helps Wendell, I won't stop thanking him. He helped get three basketball players who were guilty get out. I pray he'll help get my innocent son out. And if he does, I’ll thank him and thank him and thank him."

In 2015, Wendell traveled to Chongqing, China to play professional football. After suffering an injury, he accepted the opportunity to coach in the American Football League of China.

While there he taught English to adults and football to kids. At 6-foot and 225-pounds, Wendell was a well-liked gentle giant in China.

On Sept. 24, 2016, he attended a birthday party for a friend at a bar. According to Wendell, some men wanted to drink with him, but he declined. A fight broke out and Wendell raised his arms to deflect a thrown bottle.

He claimed he never hit anyone. But he was arrested for assaulting a man.

An hour later, he sat in a cell at the Chongqing Jiangbei detention center.

Wendell's criminal trial was held in July. His defense lawyer presented surveillance video that backs up Wendell's claim that he never touched anyone.

Despite a lack of evidence that he ever hit the man, the judge has refused to render a verdict.

Chinese officials reportedly suggested the family come up with $100,000 U.S.D. as restitution.

But the Browns are a low-income family who work long hours. They can't afford to pay restitution.

Months later, Wendell still sits in jail waiting for the wheels of justice to budge.

His case received a mention in The Wall Street Journal's coverage of the UCLA boys, and there was some local news coverage about him.

In letters home to his family, Brown says he has tried to find peace with everything.

“God will assure that the truth will come out,” he wrote to his mother.

Antoinette says he is visited once a month by the U.S. Consulate to make sure he is not being mistreated.

The judge has also stopped by the jail four times to check on Wendell.

"That tells me that she knows that there is an innocent man in there," Antoinette said. "I wish she would just rule that way."

  • V Dubb

    They should all be in there.

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    Chile Bye.... I never condone stealing in no way... Do the crime do the time... Child or not... IDGAF .... I will be damned if I compromise my integrity ... My God right for a thief... You lie you will steal... You steal you do have the potential to kill... If.... You get so desperate .... Which want take much for these cats ... Got money and stealing because what they can ???.. Is what these folks implying .... Miss me with the shyt! And this is why they stealing too... A slap on the wrist .... Cause strife for the adults to save their azz Nerp!

  • brooklyn23

    This is Injustice

  • Toni ToniToni

    Wow, after seeing video evidence that he hit no one they still requesting some damn restitution. WTF! Are they not allowed to protect themselves over there if being attacked.

    I believe its ONLY BECAUSE HE IS BLACK!

    They need to release this man.So Wrong. I wish 45 could get him released as he is innocent. Those 3 boys were GUILTY AF!

  • Django the God

    I went to school with a Wendell.

    That n**** was funny AF.

  • i troll it like i see it

    Please lord let this man make it home safely both physically and mentally.

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    Note to self:
    Never ever go to China. Ever.

  • iWasteTime


  • indano

    He was arrested under Obama's watch....... And it's President Trump Ma'am.

  • Django the God

    N***** trying to be pioneers and s***.

  • iWasteTime
  • http://thedevereauxshow.com/ Ms.Devereaux

    EVER!! Now they quick to let Americans run over there and praise those places even quick to say they treat black men like kings over there to get ppl going there but when black folks talk about going to Africa they’re told its dangerous and to forgot about going because they are not welcomed ??

  • isaiit

    All that chocolate shouldnt be in China anyway... ie. He's very handsome

  • brooklyn23

    there's some stealing I could turn a blind eye to for ex: if someone needs food or some necessity and steals food to feed themselves cause they have no resources I can overlook that. But those boys stealing were dumb

  • You Could Never

    He got a bigger story just a few hours ago on the NY Post. I hope it gets him the highlight he needs to get out.

  • You Could Never

    And the same to the folks who upvoted that shit. I aint got time

  • MyNameIs

    Same. Lol

  • Ozad

    i'm loving this Sandra..bringing attention to social injustices....you going to start to win me over...LOL

  • MsPam

    There is black privilege for some black folks. #GetMadIfYouWantTo

  • Marlika

    Everysince that mess with Amanda Knox happened you couldn’t pay me to go live in a foreign country. No Ma’am? She’s was very lucky her parents had the money to fly back and forth to Italy. ??

    One wrong move and you can be screwed. Those 3 UCLA jackasses don’t count. I still say they need to be punished and banned from traveling abroad for a while.

  • Itzgoingdown

    Blacks would have been better off if Barry, aka Goldie, would have never left Hawaii.

  • Marlika

    I wonder what they’re feeding the brother in jail over there??? He’s probably lost tons of weight. I know if I were to ever go to China or any Asian country I wouldn’t eat any meat!! ??? I don’t care what anyone says. That would be the first time in my life I became a vegan.

    I wonder if he’ll eat Chinese food again when he comes home? ???

  • klwbaby

    Well, I guess China is off my bucket list. I hope this case gets the attention it needs because this is BS.

  • Sorry_Not_Sorry

    I barely like going into the Chinese beauty supply stores wth would u go to they country.

  • hottlanta

    Lawd have mercy ump, ump, ump. All of that ripe/firm blackness in jail. Dump said he has reached his saveabrothaquota he ain't trying to piss off Tommy in the trailer park where he will say what about us.

  • Elevated Soul

    I wish Wendell Brown well and I hope for the best for his and his family sake.I wonder why this story has never been reported in MSM??

    This man has been in jail since before President Trump was elected and it hadn't been spoke of.?

  • DaughterOfaQueen

    Watching one episode of Locked up Abroad was enough for me to know not to play with these foreign countries. They don't play.

  • V Dubb

    At All ..

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    I do agree ...

  • imright

    terrible !!

  • KLo

    even if he did hit someone , he has been in jail 14 months. that's just insane. when you travel to another country, you cannot act the fool or you will pay with your life (behind bars). I
    suggest the family each out to Shaun King on FB. He has a large following that may be able to raise the 100K

  • Vonn

    The judge has time to check on him in jail, but will not render a verdict...cause it's about money. Same reason papa Munster wasn't worried about UCLA Munster, his payoff was already in process.

  • CaramelDrop

    I refuse to give the beauty supply a nickel..... now I guess Schezwan Chicken is out too.

  • ?Royalty?

    This is horrible. This is extortion. Black people need to boycott all Chinese owned establishments, their nasty a$$ food and as many of their products as possible.


    If you go to other countries and act a damn idiot, you deserve what they give you....No, they don't play like the USA. My people always want be stupid in other countries then holler racism....

  • 6ue$$imh8n

    Exactly blacks have to remember other countries see how l we treated over here and follow suit unless your a high profile black

  • NeverSurprised

    So the young man was arrested under Barry O’s watch, huh? And you mean to tell me Barry did nothing to get him out? If only his parents had been smart enough to claim he was gay or trans, I guarantee you Barry would have been on Airforce One to China in a hot minute to personally beg for his release.

  • rayne215

    Woah, this is horrible, im happy this is getting more media attention and hopefully something can come from it. jeez

  • rayne215

    seems like the gentleman didnt do anything wrong

  • TheOwley

    you bad!

  • rayne215

    That kid that died from returning north korea got all the media press, while this kid rots away. shame

  • bemetoo

    Sad sad sad .....yall know this guy ain't no teenager he is a grown 30 year old man

  • TheOwley

    There are many Americans who are incarcerated in foreign prisons. They get you for no reason at all, minor stuff, and big infractions yet the country does business trade and travel with those countries. It's the way it is. At least this young man is getting a monthly visit from the US consulate to make sure he's not being mistreated. I think some things will be done behind the scenes and hopefully he will either get a new trial or time served. Best thing to do, visit the canyons of North Dakota, avoid the middle east and most asian countries.

  • Lorenzo Chaps

    Yeah, I kinda wish the reality shows would stop showing vacations abroad and all the eye catching scenery. When you get your behind over there, you're on your own. The producers of the show, security, etc will be nowhere around for your real life fantasy. Rules and laws are different, so tread lightly when you decided to travel to foreign places.

    And as someone else posted, some of the people are completely innocent of committing any type crime. Collateral damage tween two countries. No fair. It's definitely all about who you know.

  • TheOwley

    That won't work. China is quietly buying the country, everything like locust, own nearly all of our manufacturing. The Made in China label is all over the planet, we handed it to them. The only way to beat them is by being nothing. anw, the only way to get this guy out is through quiet diplomacy. Trump will tweet when it's doe.

  • Tequila Mockingbird

    You disrespect your school and country by shoplifting in 3 different stores in China. Get arrested and released. Only receive suspension. And can STILL visit China anytime? So, what kind of privilege do these UCLA boys benefit from? That's the problem with ish today no consequences for ones actions! Disgusting.

  • Abracadabra

    We don’t have any real facts or knowledge about this case, but we can and should assume that this is all Obamas fault. He obviously knew of this guys arrest and did nothing, I bet Obama actually called the Chinese law enforcement authorities and had this black man arrested because he’s out to destroy black people. If Trump can get a bunch of privileged basketball players released, then Obama should have been able to get this guys case dismissed since he has authority over China’s legal system. Every situation is exactly the same, therefore all outcomes should be exactly the same. Trump is a good man, he shows the world everyday. Obama is a bad, bad man.

  • V Dubb

    Don't be like that...I know plenty who have gone and had a good time. Just don't steal or break any laws and you're fine.

  • kupkake

    People are going to these countrys and are being locked up abroad with no help. Hopefully this guy gets the help that he needs. These countrys dont play fair. And with the many people who dispise Trump he still went and helped three young black men accused of stealing. These 3rd world countrys with these language barriers are dangerous.

  • V Dubb

    Almost pioneered their asses into jail. Ole dumbasses.

  • kupkake

    No speake No English ......Trouble

  • Yup, I said it

    Another news article reported that one of the men in the brawl claimed he lost an eye in the fight, however its also reported that dude had been done lost the eye, long time ago. That's what the restitution is for. American justice may be a work in progress but its leagues above these oppressive dictatorship governments.

  • dontgetblocked

    Okay. This makes me even angrier! You have got to be kidding me. Those three guilty azz losers are sitting at home chilling and he's in jail. Phuck Levar Ball and no good chillin'. This will catch up to him and his loser sons.

  • dontgetblocked

    I stay right here in America. You're in a bad situation...black locked up abroad.

  • NeverSurprised

    Some education is also needed. This is COMMUNIST China. Most black people have no knowledge of what communism is, how it works, the complete government control of EVERYTHING! They want to protest every 5 minutes in this country, and they don’t understand that , regardless of color, that protest shiz does not fly in communist countries. They are NOT having it. Also not having any lawlessness. Break they law and you are getting sent to a Chines work camp.

  • NeverSurprised

    I’m telling you, people have NO IDEA what it’s like to live under a communist regime. They do nothing but bitch about life in America, but they don’t understand why millions of people from around the world are desperate to get here. Get thrown into a Chines jail, or worse, a prison work camp, and they will soon learn the meaning of persecution.

  • TheOwley

    You are not worthy. And what makes you think I'm a broad. So sexist.

  • Faux Gibbler

    This is why I keep my azz here.
    We can laugh at government, call them crooked, call president names, complain the world is racist and no consequences. You do some shyt like I said above in a country like China where there is a dictatorship your azz will be in jail.

  • Faux Gibbler

    Really Dangerous.

  • Faux Gibbler

    It was North Korea, that's why.
    Why anyone would want to go to North Korea isn't beyond me

  • Elevated Soul

    If it didn't benefit Obama's "supposed legacy,dude paid it dust"....If Wendell Brown was wearing a wig and a dress,,Obama would have intervened because of the gayness not the Blackness. Obama was a lazy and ineffective president,that's why Otto rotted in Korea and was brought home almost dead.

    Many leaders around the world had no respect for Obama because he was obsessed withthe gay agenda

  • NeverSurprised

    Wendell actually has it pretty good right now because a verdict has not yet been entered. If convicted, he may be sent to a Laogai, a Chinese prison camp which believes in “Reform Through Labor.” Harry Wu, who spent 19 years in a Laogai camp, describes a typical day:

    * 5:30 a.m. wake up
    * 6:00 a.m. breakfast in barracks — corn gruel and cornbread
    *.7:00 a.m. taken to worksite and work day begins

    * lunchtime - large tub of vegetable soup, two hunks of cornbread for each prisoner, and a large tub of drinking water are wheeled to worksite

    * After lunch, work resumes
    * 6:30pm return to barracks
    * Dinner - cornbread, corn gruel, and vegetable soup
    * 7:30 p.m. - 2-hour study period
    * 9:30 p.m., no matter what the weather, all prisoners gather outside for roll call and a speech from the captain
    * 10:00 p.m. - bed.

    * At night - no lights allowed, no one is allowed to leave bed until 5:30 a.m. the next morning

    Wu and other prisoners also describe the insects in the prisons:

    * bedbugs - so numerous they moved in swarms, leaving welts that caused itching so severe some inmates scratched their skin raw.

    * lice - some prisoners were known to EAT them to supplement their meager diet

    * Prisoner Zhang Xianliang wrote that "the parasites on a single inmate's underpants would be as numerous as the words on the front page of a newspaper"., and fleas so numerous that they would "turn his quilt purplish black with their droppings"

    * Roundworms were also a common threat to the prisoners' health, especially in laogai farms, where human excrement was used as fertilizer.


    On May 7, 2012, Al Jezeera English was expelled from China for writing about its prison system.

  • what?why

    Wow someone needs to intervene. Where's her local politicians, get the word to Trump thru channels. He can't survey the whole country , people need to bring these things to his attention. These 3 kids were so guilty ...

  • NeverSurprised

    Absolutely it it was due to President Trump. Most people on this site don’t understand that he puts America and Americans first. I do believe that he will also seek the release of this young man because he hates the thought of an American being held on foreign soil, especially given China’s penal system.

  • Gigi


  • Gigi

    This is not true. There are thousands and thousands of people from the US teaching and working in China and live there with NO problem. Including black people.This is an unfortunate incident but we should be asking why he's been sitting in prison for over a year and nobody has intervened on his behalf? Especially if there is video evidence. I heard about this case about a year ago when I was considering teaching in China. And fyi: I have since taught in another Asian country and in daily life, I felt infinitely safer there than in the US as a black person. Let's not forget the recent spate of high profile police murders of black men, women & children.

  • Gigi

    I've lived and worked in a communist country and frankly, in daily life you rarely see the police and if you do they are riding bikes and not threatening anyone. I certainly felt safer there as a black person than I did in the US on the daily. There are certain situations where Communism makes itself known, but in daily life, not the case. I would bet you've NEVER been to a communist country but on here with this alarmist bull. People should visit SE Asia at least once. Gracious people and beautiful scenery.

  • http://bettybooplover.tumblr.com/ Berry Melon

    If someone wanted to lose weight... that be the perfect place to go. But eating lice? Omg... gross. Oh, and don't forget the bedbugs... and roundworms... (They could just shoot me right between the eyes - I'd refuse to do hard labour) Damn, China ain't that very different from North Korea.

  • Gigi

    I hate that term: 3rd world. If these places are 3rd world, who is 1st & 2nd? I think we all know the implications of that term. And more black people really need to move around the globe. And I know It's not because we don't have the money, just the resolve. Places like Thailand have metro subway systems that are equal to and in some cases, more modern than those I've ridden in the US. Their large cities are just as modern as any found in the west. It's the same in Africa. There is a blend of the old & the modern world. People need to step out of their comfort zone and explore. Especially, us. They are used to seeing other people but not us so much because so many of us stick to the western hemisphere or europe. If you see some of their features, you will know, they descend from us..way back,but you can just tell by looking at their facial features.

  • Gigi

    Frankly, if you are aware of history--both old & recent, black people are 'on our own' in the US.

  • NeverSurprised

    If you refused to work in a forced labor camp, they would kill you in a heartbeat. Communist China is NOT America.

  • NeverSurprised

    By “alarmist bull” I assume you mean my recitation of the first-hand accounts of life in a Chinese prison camp as stated by human rights activist Harry Wu, who was HELD IN ONE FOR 19 YEARS before coming here to write and teach in the U.S. Is THAT the “alarmist bull” to which you refer?

    I’ve traveled extensively, but to FREE nations. You’re damned right I haven’t been to a communist country nor am I dumb enough to go. I don’t need to stick my head between a fat man’s thighs to know that his farts stink, nor do I need to go to Communist China to know they engage in human rights violations. Every educated person knows of their history, even apologists like you who refuse to acknowledge it.

    By the way, if communism is so hunky dory, and the US is so mired in “racism,” what are you doing back here? Since you feel so “unsafe”here, why are you back? Who is duct-taping you to the radiator forcing you to stay here?

  • NeverSurprised

    You felt “infinitely safer there as a black person”, and yet here you are back in the US. You are either a glutton for punishment, or a consummate liar. Which is it, hun?

  • Louisville Is4TheBirds

    She a GiGi lie... lol

  • J Scott

    Is that true?

  • J Scott


  • Saphistication

    Something sounds like it’s missing from the story. I hope he gets out though.

  • Gigi

    Who said I was back in apartheid US? You know they do have internet access in these supposed backward hovels you are trying to keep black people from visiting? There are many black people in SE Asia going to school, working, running businesses and teaching and MOST never have any problems. I feel for Mr. Brown and I hope that he is released soon. I don't understand why he's been imprisoned that long with video evidence. But again, all I can say for people who really believe that this part of the world is infinitely more dangerous for black people than the original apartheid state US, I would encourage you to search black people in china or black people living overseas on YT and you will hear & see firsthand from black people actually experiencing life in Asia.

  • Gigi

    Who said I was in the US? Internet IS accessible overseas. Have you heard of a VPN? There are plenty of black people working & living in Asian countries with no problems. Including Communist ones. You can view their videos on YT if curious. Black people need to venture on this side of the world instead of generalizing based on one case. Especially with what's been happening in the past few years. Scratch that, with what's been happening the entire history of the US, that is, if you've been paying attention.

  • NeverSurprised

    Educated people know there are blacks living around the globe, and the vast majority do so without incident. Wendell Brown was probably happy in China, UNTIL there was an "incident." i guarantee he is no longer happy there.

    For all its faults, when there is an "incident" in the US, we offer avenues of redress. Do they always work? No. But at least here we have free legal counsel, and access to the courts, and the press, and our families, and the internet, and human rights organizations. WENDELL BROWN HAS. NONE OF THAT BECAUSE HE IS IN A COMMUNIST COUNTRY.

    You say you don't know why he's been held for 14 months when there is video evidence of his innocense? The reason you don"t know is BECAUSE HE IS IN A COMMUNIST COUNTRY! They release only the info they WANT to release.

    There is no FREE PRESS. There is no FREEDOM OF SPEECH. There are no Free Wendell protests because protestors would imnediately be thrown in jail, BECAUSE IT'S A COMMUNIST COUNTRY.

    And yes, you ARE back here in the good old US of A. Don't lie about it. If you were living in another country you would have MENTIONED it during your intial attempt to apoear be world-traveled. Am I right or am I right?

    You're noithing more than a HYPOCRITE who condemns America, yet you stay here because you know you have a better life here than anywhere else on the planet. Right, hun?

  • http://thedevereauxshow.com/ Ms.Devereaux

    Yes I’ve heard many ppl say black men are treated like kings in places like China and Korea and Japan but funny how they act towards black folks when they are here in America ? and yes I’ve even mentioned to many ppl my dreams of going to Africa even growing up I would hear ppl talk about how poor Africa is how dangerous it is and not to go even heard that Africans don’t like blacks from America so don’t waste your time going over there heck I had a older white man say to me not to go to Africa because it’s dangerous meanwhile the only part he has seen of Africa or any other country was on his TV set! Meanwhile white ppl have moved there and vacation there all the time

  • http://thedevereauxshow.com/ Ms.Devereaux

    Wonder what their crime rate like though ? I bet that prison empty as hell I bet it ain’t packed like the ones in America and I bet ain’t no folks sitting around killing pregnant women and raping babies and killing them I really would like to know the statics of crime in other countries with these types of laws compared to America

  • free

    yeah, he was one of them...until he had a problem.

  • free

    maybe we can raise the money or some negotiated amount of money. they need a gofundme.

  • free

    they better never step foot back in that country. somehow i feel it's more of a "we'll find a way to get your *ss next time."

  • free

    yeah, it might take time to die down a bit.

  • darealwifey

    Ya'll know this would've already been headline news if he was born different.

  • Leigh Burton

    If his last name was BALL, instead of him attending BALL State, he would have been free months ago!


    I understand that you want your son home but do you really believe that Trump did it? Not Stop believing his lies. Trump can't help himself. This is a man who disgraced a dead solider to his wife. Again I understand how you feel but, you are putting your faith and trust in the devil. Had he gotten your son out with the UCLA kids then, and only then would I have said he got them free BUT HE DIDN'T.

  • Gigi

    You must be joking or trolling for pay. I can only imagine how you got assigned to a black blog that caters primarily to women. But all I will say is this because arguing with you online is like arguing with the greeter at Walmart. You clearly have no power if this is what they have you doing. You are not even a blend-in kind of troll. But maybe that's the objective.I'm not here to trumpet communism but as I said, I've lived in a communist country as a black expat, and I STILL say I felt infinitely safer there than I've felt as a black person in the US. And redress? Have you seen Ava DuVernay's doc '13th'? Heard of Gitmo? Sandra Bland and Tamir Rice, etc, etc, etc, etc..lol..thanks for the laugh, troll.

  • HelloToni

    This is such a sad story. What can e we do? Not that I have $100.000.00....

  • Tish

    Trump only intervened to look good too. It was not genuine. To make it look like he helps Black people. And he told them to thank him. So forced. I hope Wendell is free soon. I wonder if Shaun King is on it.

  • Being bad is way more fun

    This would be a perfect time for a go fund me page or time for a star to step up and pay for this so he can be freed .. Lets see what happens !!!!!!

  • Pnthr

    Oh so Trump isn't worried about this young man? Some unhinged trumpanzee on here told me he was the GOAT president with a heart of gold for helping the UCLA 3 get out. ??????

  • Pnthr

    Just because he was arrested while Obama was in office doesn't mean the orange clown currently in the White House can't try and get him out. ?

  • Pnthr

    How is this Lavar's fault? Lol. He's a strict parent, one of his sons is just a dumbass teen who made a dumb decision. The blame should be directed at the crooked Chinese.

  • amyre1987
  • WutizaGRANNY!

    Nah. Chinese law is strict and even more strict on US people. My son had a friend that they were going to arrest and put in jail for running a light. Luckly he made it to the barracks. They demanded that they turn him over to them but the military wasn't having that shit.

  • amyre1987

    This the link for the gofundme started by Antoinette Brown his mother

  • ShWa

    Yes, a rich athlete(s) needs to step up and get him from over there, or #45 needs to put in a phone call and get him back home....


    Shut up, Trump IS the reason those idiots are home. I'm black and I'm sooooooo tired of ignorant people just like you.


    We now know the extent of trump supporters education "Shut Up" Really that's the best you have. I'm happy to know that Trump has the dumb and educated black people on his side. If you are sooooooo proud of it, why be a Guest? ANOTHER COWARD HEARD FROM.


    Every time the subject prison comes up, we want to say 32% blacks are
    in prison, and say it like they didn't do anything to get there, majority of those idiots belong in prison, so stop the BS about the white man locks
    all the black men in prison..............

  • Trace da Ace

    bottom line....DONT GO TO CHINA!!!

  • DME

    Incarceration rates and crime rates are not the same thing. The white race is full of criminals and you know this. You also know that whites get away with crimes so thugs like you can make absurd comments like this on social media.This rhetoric is just a racist's way of lying to himself, as usual. Racism is an emotional crutch offered to losers who can't confront their own shortcomings and failures. Your problems are in the mirror buddy.

  • Lorenzo Chaps

    I see what you're saying. Even more though, you're not going to travel in peace the way these folks do on tv. And because I know what you're saying stands true, I know not to gas myself up to think I can just roam and travel in other places oblivious to rights, world issues, etc. Hell, we catch hell just driving in our own backyard.

  • Lorenzo Chaps

    I see what you're saying. Even more though, you're not going to travel in peace the way these folks do on tv. And because I know what you're saying stands true, I know not to gas myself up to think I can just roam and travel in other places oblivious to rights, world issues, etc. Hell, we catch hell just driving in our own backyard.

  • flowerinthemoonlight

    This is a motherfucking shame.

  • flowerinthemoonlight

    Thank you

  • MissDominique

    I know someone who went to China 3 years ago and got arrested. 3 years later she sat in jail and got sentenced for 20 years. DO NOT GO TO CHINA!!! They do not like Americans and especially Black people.

  • TammrayKenny Elder

    Ur a fucking idiot and coward thats y u dont even have ur profile on here.

  • Zaidi

    You're just another racist; so STFU!!!

  • See

    Did she ask President Trump for help!!? Please shut your mouth because you sound foolish. President Trump has done more for black people than Obama did in the eight years he was President.

  • See

    President Trump has done more for black people than Obama did in the eight years he was President.


    Different place, different culture, different customs. Whenever you travel you better humble yourself and know thats not your home. I know plenty of blacks that travel all around the world China included just know your lane. If your a thief go sit your ass down somewhere that is not gonna fly. People lose hands for stealing and are sentenced to death. That crap people get away with in America dont work everywhere..

  • pray58

    See, what exactly has Trump done for black people?

  • Vickie Jones

    Did you not read the article, he didn't steal anything.


    Did I say that he did???? Anyone who travels knows like I said Different place different customs different culture always know your lane and you dont have those problems.

  • Kousa

    It's "you're" (you are), a thief, not your a thief!


    LOL Thank you for the grammatical correction. The message is still the same.

  • Flower

    So what that means? He can't go out?

  • Flower

    You have lost your damn mind

  • Neodesha McCollum Hendley

    But when Obama got Bergdahl, an American soldier back, everyone was critical. Okay...

  • Pretty Woman

    Are you saying Wendell Brown's crime was his refusal to drink with the other men & defending himself when the fight broke out? There's video proving he didn't assault anyone. So, being in another country, he should've known to stay in his lane & drink even when he didn't want to? Is that the message you're wanting to convey? PSA: DO NOT TRAVEL OUTSIDE THE U.S. WITH EMILY POST!!!

  • Djphoenix

    What does her son's story have to do with stealing, staying in one's lane or not humbling one's self? Nothing! His mother is asking people to consider the problem at hand, not to offer some general diatribe about Black folks not knowing how to behave when traveling (Some people will condemn all Blacks for most anything because of course we are automatically wrong for anything just because we were born black). The guys who stole got away with their crime. Her son has been waiting for them to simply render a verdict for a very long time, in a trial where the evidence is pretty clear that he is innocent. What about that?

  • Djphoenix

    Why are you pursuing reason here? She or whoever obviously has none. This person gave a statement given without even really reading the post. Let's move on.


    I didnt say just black folks. I said people in general firstly you all are too damn emotional and irrational. Yes not knowing how to behave in the foreign country can be the difference of you having a wonderful trip and vacation versus sitting your arse in a Jail somewhere.

  • Vinny Ibarra


  • Rugged1

    The only message that is clear in this thread of shyte is, 'EMILY POST IS NOT CAPABLE OF RATIONAL THOUGHT'.
    None of what you said applied to Wendell.
    Basically, he didn't drink with some Princelings of some local fiefdom and they couldn't take the shame.


    Maybe... Who the hell knows... 1. I didnt even reference the guy in the post with the exception of you better know your lane when you go places. I didnt say "I" believe the guy needs to be in a Chinese jail for life. You idiots talking about right and wrong. I am talking about different places have different rules and if you are traveling you better know them. Now you can argue with that all day long.


    No your really irrational. Never said it was right or wrong. I didnt even elaborate on that situation.

  • blackie_chan

    How is this incident any different than what happens to us in the U.S?
    At least they don't kill us in China.

  • sanjidude

    I wish brothers would realize that they're not the same as their white friends and can't go where they go. They always end up in jail for the most minor things while the blondes they're who participated with them walk away scott free. Maybe they'll learn from these latest experiences and stay the eff away from these places.

  • Pnthr

    Shut the heII up!!

  • Xristianxon Jamex

    You mean when Native Americans were slaughtering each other without any court systems to hold them accountable?


    His mom is asking.... Whom? Donald Trump? Barrack Obama? Hell you act like I said He shouldn't be free or he should be in jail forever. Your mad because I stated that when you go to other countries you have to know what lane your in and know the culture and customs etc and Yes if they feel threatened by you or not. This is some how an automatic verdict on guilt and innocence??? WTF LOL Nice try... Your on the automatic attack . Calm down I didnt throw him in a Chinese Prison fool. You talking about a trial... WTH do you know about Chinese courts... Or Asian Justice. Now you going to go to another country and tell them what to do and you cant even get Justice in your own country. GTFOH

  • M CA

    that sucks

  • John Cornelius Cohen

    Your post is insensitive and irrelevant in the context of the facts presented in this article. Everything you are suggesting appears to be what this young man has done. Stayed in his lane and humbled himself. He was attacked, yet never retaliated and has had his freedom taken away.

  • John Cornelius Cohen

    Actually there is some truth to this. In some cultures it is disrespectful to refuse a drink. China has this culture of respect and losing face. Refusing to drink with them is seen as disrespectful. I don't agree with it, but I am not from that culture either. While I have never been to China I have a few Chinese friends that have explained some of these things to me about China.

  • t isall

    what you’re suggesting is to retain a slavery mentality 1.) stay in your place; 2.) keep your mouth closed; 3.) keep your opinion to yourself and; 4.) never disagree or turn anyone down, stupid people say stupid shit, does this aply to chinese ppl here in the US...?

  • David William Phillips

    Of course, China is a 3rd world country and their police want their payoffs. Maybe Trump should pay the 100k bribe and get his heart-felt apology that he needs to badly.


    No not really... Uhmm I don't think I was suggest that at all.. :) but nice try. E for effort.


    The Chinese government is insensitive .. LOL I thought it was just common sense. hmm didn't even think my post touched on the man's guilt or innocence. Alright hopefully he gets justice in Communist China.

  • http://www.lavieencode.net Nicole Archambault

    Congratulations, this is the most ignorant comment I've seen in a while lol. #whitesavior

  • Roz Gordon

    Nope... They want cold hard cash. Bottom line.. Their hoodlums in and of themselves. I do agree we need ta stay the heck out of their country...the government could care less about them learning English.....peace yall........

  • H W

    What does this have anything to do with being a certain color? 3 people just got by with committing a crime far worse than what he did, and they are the same color. Nonsense.

  • H W

    What does this have to do with being white? It has to do with the Chinese court system giving preference to a Chinese citizen that claimed he got attacked, and there is no proof.

  • Djphoenix

    You are the person who actually sounds mad, calling a person that you don't know a fool because they have an opinion. You also referred to me as being Black and stated that we are too emotional and irrational without really knowing what my race is. How irrational is that? Very. I travel all of the time and have for years, and have never had a problem in any country outside of America where I've traveled or lived, so your argument really falls flat here. As far as what the hell do I know about Chinese Courts, admittedly not a lot, but I never said that I did, and I can tell by your comments that you don't know much about them either, particularly to lecture someone on the subject. I do know how to read, and your response did not fit the scenario laid out for us, and you are just mad because people on this blog, not just me, called you on it. Have fifty seats.


    No not at all.


    LOL Lawd jesus Nah I will pass on your seats you not putting on that great of a show. Your little sad attempt of trying to put somebody in their place has failed. So what exactly are you arguing with? lol Your eagerness to debate on something thats not really debatable. I didnt talk about Chinese courts you did. I was waiting for you to school me on Chinese Customs. Yeah you cant . You dont know WTF your talking about. Hell I didnt even attempt to explain chinese Justice or that mans situation. LOL I just let the Clowns clown and just grab my popcorn.

  • Djphoenix

    I see what I am dealing with here. God bless you.

  • Pat

    Leave him there!

  • StrangerDanger

    It is true, however. Do you not know history and the great wars between rival tribes prior to the arrival of Columbus?

  • StrangerDanger

    Racial crime statistics don't lie. The white man isn't being given a pass. Even though the white man makes up more than 13% of the population he or she still engages in crime at a lesser percentage than the black man.

    There is no white privilege. There is a problem in the black community that needs to be addressed STAT! 2016 was a memorandum on this issue.

  • StrangerDanger

    Whites do not get away with crimes. Racial crime statistics show that 13% of the population commits crimes (and violent crimes) at an astounding rate when compared to Caucasians who make up a larger percentage of the population. What causes this? Please explain, I will be waiting here.

  • StrangerDanger

    Please explain. Your statement is lacking.

  • StrangerDanger

    What hasn't he done that benefits "black" people? Please explain. Everything that he has been doing for the past 11 months has benefited us ALL, not JUST "blacks."

  • StrangerDanger

    Lucky for you, they can't call you racist. Only "uncle tom" perhaps, which would definitely follow their rational. Thank YOU for being a FREE THINKER.

  • StrangerDanger

    What's that? If he was born a cat maybe the headline wouldn't even exist? What do you mean? Please explain!

  • StrangerDanger

    Communism = Communism.

  • JP

    trump never "demanded" a thank you from the players. The players thank you seemed so not genuine and had to read their apology instead of saying it themselves and didn't thank XI who freed them. I pray for her brother who is in jail falsely . Did anyone notice the jail sentence for their crime? 10 years... and Mr. Ball pops off like that? what a POS

  • Gotitbutsmh

    That POS hasn't done a darn thing for anyone who is not rich, especially you.

  • Faux Gibbler

    *eye roll*

  • Flower

    You made the blank statement where are your facts if you don't care for my statement lacking.

  • denny noname

    He's innocent? I would think a black man in China would stand out in a crowd. Him hitting a Chinese and causing him to lose his eye. I'm surprised they haven't killed him already.

  • StrangerDanger

    Flower, it is difficult for me to provide you with any facts because I still do not know who you are referring to in regards to them "losing their damn mind." Perhaps you can help by providing an explanation of your comment.

  • Flower

    I'm sorry StrangerDanger the comment should have been directed @ See not you.

  • truthseeker

    He went all the way to China to teach the Chinese . What about the kids right in Detroit who could use a positive roll model ?

  • truthseeker

    Brown was in a Reality TV show called: " Black in China". It try's to show how ignorant the Chinese people are about black people., so he goes into a Chinese Bar and doesn't expect some back lash when asked if he would have a drink. You can't call people racist as they do in America and expect the same outcome in China.

  • truthseeker

    I guess " Black lives Matter", but not all Black lives. Where is the NFL who take a knee to our Flag for how oppressed they are, but feel nothing for their fellow black person held in China for doing the same thing.

  • truthseeker

    Why attack Trump. Why not tell the NFL to come up with it. President Trump was not the President in July of 2016. Where was President Obama ?

  • truthseeker

    Brown had at least Three choices. 1.) Just walk away 2) Just except a drink, since he is in a bar and is drinking already , or 3) lash out at the people attacking. Look at his arms that he likes to brag about. One swing and he could seriously hurt someone.

  • truthseeker

    Money. I would love to know how much bail it took for these entitled brats to be able to stay on House Arrest in their 5 Star Hotel. They stole from 3 different places and got caught on camera .

  • truthseeker

    They should hire a person from England in order to get proper lessons .

  • truthseeker

    He regrets it now. Another person pops up and it will get to the point that he will be used as a Parole Officer/ Bails bondsman. It should be, If you do the crime, you do the time. Maybe that is why Obama just ignored the pleas, of course if it was one of his Daughters we would be in WW3.

  • ronbro

    He sounds like he is innocent and just did not understand the Asian culture and what is considered offensive. Asian ways can be very different than ours and landing on the wrong side of the law no matter what your color is can be almost impossible to reverse unless you come from money or know someone very high up the chain. I spent some time in Asian countries and was always aware of my surroundings and was prepared for the worst and luckily nothing ever went wrong.

  • Ivan Molokov

    Chinese hate black people. I lived there for 5 years. They are the most racist people on the planet.

  • Ivan Molokov

    Yeah they do. In Guangzhou hundreds of Africans were arrested In a night and 12 were killed. Africans end up dead in China all the time. Chinese hate Africans.

  • Micheal Briant

    Its like that wherever you go not just asia. When people find out youre american theyll try their best to extort you any way possible