Lupe Fiasco

Many Internet users awoke this morning to the reality that their favorite blogs and websites were not behind paywalls or gone after the FCC ended former President Obama’s net neutrality regulations.

The FCC repealed the net neutrality rules by a vote of 3-2 on Thursday. The Internet is now returned to the way it was before the Obama administration decided to regulate it and give the big ISPs a monopoly over the Internet.

The Internet was free and unregulated for 32 years — until Obama decided to regulate it and give even more power (and money) to the big 3 ISPs.

As usual, rappers were at the forefront of the misinformation campaigns, sending their fans into a frenzy of Chicken Little proportions.

2 Chainz

Rapper 2 Chainz posted a paranoid meme that showed the prices Internet users would be forced to pay to visit websites if net neutrality was repealed.

And rapper Lupe Fiasco, pictured above, advised his fans to create their own ISPs.

Ironically, Lupe doesn’t even realize that the repeal of net neutrality will give his fans the freedom to do just that.


#LupeFiasco advises people to create their own ISP after #NetNeutrality dies

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Photo by Stefan Gosatti/Getty Images