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Jaybo JAY-Z

JAY-Z sees dollar signs in a cartoon character, "Jaybo", that is a play on a racist name "Sambo". The 48-year-old rap honcho wants to trademark the cartoon character Jaybo that was featured in his music video for the single "The Story of O.J."

JAY-Z envisions his fans purchasing sweatshirts and hoodies featuring the cartoon character painted in blackface and droopy eyes. reports JAY-Z has filed paperwork to trademark the minstrel character Jaybo, which is similar to the blackface actors in minstrel shows in the 1800s.

via -- The hip-hop star, real name Shawn Carter, worked with director Mark Romanek via Anonymous Content, and multimedia agency The Mill, to create the award-winning animated music video.

Jaybo is a play on the name "Sambo" from the racist 1899 children's book The Story of Little Black Sambo. The rebooted character draws on other equally problematic minstrel animations, where many racist African-American stereotypes that continue to pervade modern culture originated from.

According to editors at TMZ, the 4:44 rapper's company, S. Carter Enterprises is now planning to create products including T-shirts, sweaters, hats, blankets, pillows, dinnerware, mugs, cocktail shakers and thermal containers, featuring the controversial character.

Previously, Jay explained that the track was about the nature of success and seeing the bigger picture.

"The Story of OJ is really a song about we as a culture, having a plan, how we're gonna push this forward (sic)," the rapper explained in an interview on iHeart Radio last year (17). "We all make money, and then we all lose money, as artists especially. But how, when you have some type of success, to transform that into something bigger."

  • WhatDidIDoNow


  • MookieFly

    I mean the cartoon does kinda look like him, especially the lips ? but I would he could find a better name for it.

  • DragonSword Mccray

    Yahwah is done with him anyway,for all his evil.

  • BR….

    Somebody will buy it, not i

  • JRock

    He's a hump-backed idiot. Anything for the money. This is why I go hard on these people that other people idolize by calling them celebrities. How in the world can anyone, especially an adult supposedly in their right mind idolize another person? Most of them don't give a damn about anything or anyone other than themselves and the mighty dolla dolla bill.

  • what?why

    What is he thinking? Really, money is worth this ... this man has no pride nor self esteem.

  • what?why

    Never stoop to the ignorance of another ...

  • Ms..N

    Smdh! ! All money isn't good money!!

  • imright

    imma get a sweater, hopefully its says STILL NIGGA

  • Ghost

    He needs another income stream..since several are drying up! This screams DESPERATION!

  • You Could Never

    Sits back and reads this here comments section. Matter of fact...let me go get me a Pepsi first. Hope they still have some cherry ones left in the machine.

  • hottlanta

    Pretty soon he is gonna have Bey in a onesie slanging her gold weave bundles to promote this mess.

  • hottlanta

    He has no problem using the "n-word" and you expect for him to change.

  • davine puddin

    If I wouldn't allow my grandson to wear the coolest monkey in the jungle hoodie sweatshirt why would he wear This? I guess its okay to wear an old school aunt jamama tshirt

  • We Can Do This

    I'm all for political shirts but this design will end up in the wrong hands as usual.

    The majority buyers will be whites between ages 13-35 just like the target symbol the the group Public Enemy used as their logo.

  • SumthinSweeter


  • SumthinSweeter

    yup that's why I posted disappointing above. he is all about the money grab. no f's given about the racial sensitivity of the situation.

  • SumthinSweeter


  • SumthinSweeter

    who is yahwah?

  • You Could Never

    We ever think bc he is of that caliber he is trademarking it so nobody else makes money off of it?

    I wish he wouldnt have used this imagery at all, but he did. Now he doesnt want anyone else to profit off of it. Not to further make money from it. But if that is the reason (to make money off of it) then so be it. He will have to handle the back lash

  • bhavana

    He’s ignorant and greedy. He and Beyoncé are set for life. Heck, his grandchildren will never have to work a day in their lives.

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    Why you cant draw your own shyt .... Even dyck riding the racist cartoons ... This cat stay snatching shyt on the low and tries to market off of it... And might I add a hateful reminder of the past ... Fawk the past come up with something new....

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    Not the Pepsi ...???

  • SandraRose

    ITA. He's got some nerve marketing this racist crap.

  • Renee26

    This guy here....he loves controversy. first he called himself JayHova as if he's on the same level as God (Jehovah) now this...the character looks like him.... What it represents far outweighs the resemblance... so issa no for me

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    this cat been showing himself and smelling himself too apparently ... SMH...

  • You Could Never

    this post gonna be GOODT.

  • jeniefrumdabloc™


  • You Could Never

    new post. A man and his ole lady.

  • Meme

    Oh goodness like jiggaboo *cringe*

  • SandraRose

    He's giving his white friends permission to wear this racist crap on their t-shirts.

  • Calikush


  • Tia

    I’m not wearing this crap.

  • Luv Pitties

    Ok and he got the idea from that old Bimpo cartoon

  • Whiplash(lacejagger)

    So are people going to riot and fuss at Jay, for this stereotypical character?

  • Ghost

    You can't keep "ballin" and having BIG cash go out WITHOUT big cash coming in...simple economics! You wouldn't be this desperate unless you needed some more income...Beyonce may be fine...but his azz is another story..

  • Vicki White

    He need prayer. The image hurt lots of people back in the day and should not be used.

  • Barbara Robinson


  • BadAss Will

    I love Jaybo but jay cant get mad if white people start wearing it.

  • SandraRose

    I told y'all JAY-Z is broke. He owes millions in loans for failed business ventures. His wife and his rich friends keep bailing him out.

  • bemetoo

    it looks just like him only difference jayz has a bigger nose and bigger lips

  • Jessy

    This is smart because people have already been purchasing items with Jaybo on it. Now, he can stop these companies from profiting off his image/brand. Business MAN move.

  • datjerk


  • sha35

    Jayz isn't marketing this to us , he knows exactly what he's doing same way he didn't give a damn that black people were being arrested for shopping at Barney's . He still did the deal with them and didn't care how many of his fellow artist tweeted and asked him not to do it. Jay don't give a fuck about black people

  • We Can Do This


  • ?Royalty?

    Right on the heels of H&M....?................... I dont see how rockin' this character on some clothing could be construed as anything positive.

    Is Jay-Z trolling us?

  • Cricket404

    Artist love that Bathing Ape clothing line though, I can't keep up with in insensitivities of black folk, I quit. My great uncle has to hire Hispanics and Asians to help on his farm because black folks would rather get a check from the government than work because it reminds them of slavery.

  • MiamiMoon

    Jay-z would not be mad he is making it for everyone.

  • MiamiMoon

    The biggest consumer of hip hop are whites they will buying this.

  • Ryan

    I understand the concept of reclaiming negative words and imagery and trying to transform the message, but this is not it.

  • Toxic Masculinity

    The Black millennials, especially the queer ones, will buy and rock the clothing to support Beyoncé. Let that be any other negro, and the millennial bloggers at AfroPunk, The Root, Blavity and Interactive One would be writing “think pieces” about how wrong and culturally ignorant this is.

  • Hotep

    Beyoncé’s man is doing it. So, the Black millennials approve.

  • MiamiMoon

    Neither does Beyonce.

  • suganspice68

    Lol! Jaybo looks just like him

  • suganspice68


  • Stupid

    This is sad. I love the song and the video but he negates it all with trademarking Jaybo. Why in the hell would he want people wearing that image?

  • SandraRose

    No they wouldn't. The millennial bloggers dragged Ginuwine for not kissing a man.

  • SandraRose

    I agree. This is not reclaiming negative words and imagery, this is profiting off the negative words and imagery.

  • Dahl

    That character looks like him...

  • Ang

    And that's part of the problem.

  • Ang

    Jay and his wife need to stop trying to trademark stuff. It's always some mess that they really need to leave alone. It was bad enough when he tried to profit off the Occupy Wall Street movement. They really need to stop. They're both money hungry vultures.

  • Ang

    He doesn't care about anything but money. He has no morals.

  • Skin Deep Beauty


  • Skin Deep Beauty


  • ?Royalty?

    Nope. They will rock the hail out of it, all while claiming they are "woke" and have never been in the "sunken place".

  • Skin Deep Beauty

    Giving them a reason to think it's ok... They'd wear that mess as subliminal shots in our face!!!

  • Lady_Elle

    Capitalism at its finest!!!
    Those Kardashian's do it ALL DAY... EVERYDAY!!!
    Why not!

  • Lady_Elle


  • Dowoop

    If you are against that lil boy in the monkey sweater you should not be buying this garbage either

  • Alicia.Ashe

    That’s what I was thinking

  • Ni Ni

    Jay-z is the epitome of a coon....a true sellout. He has more than enough money, yet its not enough and stooping to this. He had white people proudly singing N*ggaz in paris and now wants black people to proudly walk around wearing this degrading shirt, smh. His brainwashed fans will think this is the best idea ever.

  • Ni Ni

    Greed will be their downfall.

  • Ni Ni

    Right, even bit off the Rockafella name.

  • Tee Bullock

    Agreed, but he and Beyonce among other artist don't have the money that is being reported.

  • MsPam

    I don’t want a single black person say a word when white folks walk around with this image on their t shirts!

  • @cpolk

    I have long stated that a lot of rappers money is a lie to get the black community to devalue education

  • Mrs Mary

    i would NEVER buy anything like this let alone wear it..smh...i am so done with him and b

  • Ang

    I think that's true too. But, I do think they have enough to be set for life even though it's not what they want people to believe. They don't neee to do this kind of stuff for money.

  • SandraRose

    All rappers lie about their wealth. Remember when T.I. didn't have enough money to bond himself out of jail? He had to borrow $1 million from Lyor Cohen. T.I. couldn't scrape together $1 million.

  • NicoleZee

    He's an idiot, but I'm ready for Bey to announce her next tour and I pray the tickets are not too expensive!

  • Jack Blakk

    Thank you Lordt, a black woman that understands the monetary system! I'm putting your name on this years Christmas list. ?

  • TheOwley

    This is the guy who gave Gwen Paltrow permission to use the N word and she did. Now more racist BS. Does he get a text from his puppet masters to do something new, and of course, he comes with this regressive idea.

  • Raquelle Dellaghetto

    Looks like black Homer Simpson

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    Theif Chile !

  • Berry Melon

    @ Raquelle - I watched the animated sequence and I'm pretty sure it was inspired by the old Looney Tunes animated shorts, and all others that came before it. The characters depicted in that manner from the old cartoons, are considered "lazy" and stupid. I can't see anybody buying it. If the character didn't have those old racist looking lips, maybe so?

  • NeverSurprised

    You're being far too logical for the average black person to understand your point.

  • WiseGui

    That’s exactly why you see B and Jay going on either a national tour or World tour every year. They have to make that money back and pay their investors and debtors. If they truely were balling the way Forbes claims they are they would be chilling for at least 2-3 years at a time before going out there on the chitterling circuit.

  • AListDiva29

    Sorry, but this is soooo tacky! If the rumors are true, he's going broke from Tidal, so he needs all the money he can get to keep putting on his and Bey's faux "envious" lifestyle!

  • Renee26

    Just triflin...but we been knowing that after finding out what he did to Nas' baby's car seat.... he's a nasty jigga

  • Fresh360

    Often times people copyright an image so others will not unjustly profit from their creation. Has anyone in these comments thought that Hov is being proactive to prevent someone from using it in a manner that it was not originally intended.

  • Tee Bullock

    Lol, just get me an ULTA gift card!

  • Liah


  • SDot

    I dont like it.

  • esh

    he gets the donkey of the day for real!

  • esh

    it wrong both ways. out of any other type of image he uses this. c'mon jay.

  • Fresh360

    The Jaybo image was used to create discourse about how people of color are viewed by society and how certain behaviors are detrimental and should be corrected in that community. Both very positive things, if that image is not copywritten by it's creator it can be used by anyone to gain profit or distort that very powerful message. To prevent this perversion of your idea creators trademark/copywrite them; this is proactive because it is almost impossible to stop usage after it is in the wild. Many times these trademarks are NEVER used outside of their original purpose, e.g Blue Ivy is trademarked for baby products, hair care, and many other things but we have never saw any such products from The Carters, this copyright was to prevent another entity from using their daughter's name not for them to profit.

  • esh

    mean while whyt folks will laugh at us b/c that image is much assoc with sambo and a negative time in our history. we are still calling each other the "n" word and that is bad enough. sadly folks will and are already celebrating this as a good move. its degrading.

  • Fresh360

    Did you even watch the video or "hear" the song? It is positive and cultural significant music. What is exactly degrading about telling people work on their credit, save your money, or never forget the "struggle". Read my 1st 2 statements this isn't a money grab it is to stop people from using his art to profit in ways it was never meant to be used.

  • RealATLPeach36

    H&M you want Jaybo? JayZ will put it on for you

  • esh

    first of all, slow down. it is what it looks like. this character grabs the attention first and make me not want to even listen to the music. it just looks bad no matter how you slice it. end out story.

  • chris

    Pimping, the n word, drugs, promiscuity, and materialism also hurt a lot of people. He's built a career off promoting and packaging harmful things to black people -- at least he's consistent.

  • chris

    Fake outrage. Issa ray literally wore a shirt on her show with the n word written on it and nobody batted an eye.

  • Dowoop

    Not to mention the BAPE brand that has resurfaced. They are not boycotting the celebrities that are wearing them. I

  • nomadd

    this is sick.