Nikolas Cruz Melisa McNeil

A high-profile defense attorney who worked at the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is preparing to take over the case of Florida shooter Nikolas Cruz, 19, who risks losing his public defenders after he lied on a form stating he could not afford to pay his legal fees.

Cruz and his adopted brother stand to inherit $800,000 from the estate of their adoptive mother who died from the flu on Nov. 1.

According to The Blast, Cruz met with a high-profile lawyer at the Broward County Jail for several hours on Saturday.

Security was tight with an armed guard stationed outside the room — unusual for an attorney-client meeting.

The Blast did not identify the attorney, who is concerned for the safety of his staff and their families.

The attorney is still making arrangements for security for himself and his staff before going public, most likely next week.

According to The Blast‘s sources, the attorney plans to represent Cruz pro bono — free of charge. if he signs onto the case, he will assemble a dream team of lawyers from around the country who specialize in death penalty cases.