Lupita Nyongo

Lupita Nyong’o posted this photo of her Black Panther cast mates on an international first class flight. The pajama clad cast is busy promoting Black Panther which is inspiring African pride in many American blacks.

Pictured are actors Chadwick Boseman (far right), Lupita (2nd from right) and Michael B. Jordan (center).

Not everyone is thrilled that it takes a fantasy movie to instill African pride in black people in America.

One African blogger on Movie Alley had this to say about the hoopla surrounding the movie:

“Black Panther is about to hit theatres this week and by the response from the online black community, you would think that each ticket stub comes with a voucher for reparations.

I think it’s quite fascinating while embarrassing, that it takes a fictional character to inspire African pride amongst a people who have shunned it for so long.”

The blogger criticized people who organize movie showings but can’t be bothered to organize donations to provide water to thirsty residents of Cape Town, South Africa.

“When Hoteps tell blacks that we’re African, the usual response is “we don’t know what part of Africa we’re from”. But when Stan Lee gives them Black Panther, now all of a sudden these people are from the imaginary Wakanda.”