AG Entertainment All-Star Party at Boulevard3

AG Entertainment boss Alex Gidewon, left, held several star-studded parties in Los Angeles during the big NBA All-Star weekend. The talent who was paid to hold court in the VIP at Boulevard3 nightclub included Chris Brown, Fabolous, Yo Gotti and Trey Songz.

Chris Brown at Boulevard3 in Los Angeles

Chris Brown was involved in a little verbal disagreement at the club with a man who was disturbed that his girlfriend (or whoever she was) was paying a little too much attention to the pop star. Security was so tight that no one got hurt, but it was a little tense for a minute there.

Chris Brown at Boulevard3 in Los Angeles

Friends say Chris, 28, has changed his ways since the olden days when he would’ve been thrown in jail for choking the guy out. They say Chris is more laid back and a lot calmer these days. Does that mean he’s taking his medications as ordered?

Photos by Prince Williams/