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One of America’s richest men is headed for the cleaners. Donald Trump Jr. and his wife Vanessa Trump are headed for a nasty divorce, according to the NY Post’s Page Six.

Multiple sources tell Page Six that the Trumps are struggling through marital problems and are heading for divorce court after 13 years of marriage.

While they have not legally separated yet (for the sake of their 5 children), the couple is said to be living separate lives.

The 40-year-old avid hunter is frequently away from home on business or off on an African safari to hunt big game.

Donald Trump Jr

In February, Vanessa had a health scare when an envelope containing white powder was delivered to her New York apartment. Everyone in the apartment was transported to the hospital as a precaution.

“It was terrifying for Vanessa, who is naturally worried for the safety of her children,” said a source.

Last year, Don Jr. asked to have his 24-hour Secret Service detail removed, saying he wanted more privacy, after two Secret Service agents took selfies with 8-year-old Spencer who was asleep in the back seat of a car.

Spencer woke up and freaked out when he saw the agents taking pictures of him.

“Vanessa is by nature a very low-key person, and she is uncomfortable with the attention her family is getting now the Trumps are on the world stage,” a source told the Post.

Meanwhile, a separate source close to the couple insisted the rumors of a divorce are premature.

“Donald Jr. and Vanessa have been dealing with some issues, but they are not yet at the stage of filing for divorce. They are trying to deal with this privately,” said a source.

“Don is still living at home, is a good dad and is super involved in his kids’ lives. He has always traveled for work, so his current schedule is not something out of the ordinary. He has a busy travel schedule now as he always does.”

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