Tristan Thompson

Tristan Thompson, who was kicked out of his Ohio home this week, was seen boarding a chartered jet for a flight to Indianapolis with his Cleveland Cavaliers for the next game in the NBA playoff series against the Indiana Pacers.

Tristan Thompson

Head Coach Tyronn Lue benched Tristan during the playoffs amid a manufactured cheating scandal. He played for a total of one minute in game 1 of the playoffs.

Tristan, 27, dressed warmly in a knit beanie and a Gucci track suit with a pair of white Nike Vapormax/Off-White sneakers (retail $250). Tristan was all smiles despite not having a home to return to.

Tristan Thompson

A woman dropped Tristan off at the airport on Thursday. She was probably a family member or his personal driver. Tristan carried a white plastic bag containing travel toiletries.

Just days after Khloe Kardashian allegedly gave birth to her and Tristan’s daughter, True Thompson, she reportedly kicked the NBA star out of his own Ohio home.

Social media users who are used to the Kardashians manufacturing headlines for their family reality show, aren’t convinced that this storyline is true.

Rumor has it that coach Lue benched Tristan to keep his personal drama from distracting the team from its goal to advance to round 2 of the playoffs. The series is currently tied 1-1.