Kanye West

The owner of the Wyoming ranch where Kanye West held a listening party for his YE album has banned all rappers from holding similar events there in the future.

Jane Golliher, who owns and operates the Diamond Cross Ranch in rural Wyoming, told The Blast there will be “no more rappers” at her ranch — after numerous neighbors complained about the noise.

Local noise ordinances prohibits residents from making loud noises after 10 p.m. — but Kanye began hosting the event outside on the grounds of the property at 9:30 p.m. local time.

Jane told The Blast she was “confused” by the listening party which started out with a roaring bonfire in the middle of a field hours before the first musical note was played from the album (Kanye was busy watching game 1 of the NBA Finals between the Warriors and the Cavaliers).

The ranch owner said the listening party was originally planned to be held inside a large tent but the rapper’s team kept changing their plans “every 30 minutes”.

She also revealed that she had to send employees to her neighbors to make peace and avoid further complaints. She told The Blast that although she isn’t angry at the rapper she feels “misled” over the nature of the event.

Jane also feels she undercharged Kanye for rental of the property — saying that if she had known the scale of the party she would have charged him $50,000.

Despite the complaints, she said Kanye’s guests at the ranch were pleasant and she is open to hosting similar events that features “good music” — not rap music.