Social media is still buzzing about an Australian newspaper cartoonist’s editorial cartoon of tennis superstar Serena Williams. The cartoonist, Mark Knight, depicted Serena as a caricature of an entitled, spoiled baby throwing a tantrum on the tennis court during her loss to Japan’s Naomi Osaka on Saturday.

I didn’t think the cartoon was racist the first time I saw it on Monday, because I viewed it from the perspective of a fellow artist who doesn’t see racism in everything.

But now that I’ve taken off my glanced at the cartoon again (without rose-colored glasses on), I do see the elements of racism that is causing outrage among some Black people on social media.

To be honest, I did find it odd that the artist depicted biracial Naomi as a blonde white woman and chair umpire Carlos Ramos as a white man.

Even though the cartoon depicts exaggerated racist features — and the artist appears to be arrogantly knowledgeable of that fact — the cartoon should not be censored just to spare hurt feelings.

Editorial cartoons express the artists’ opinions, and it is their job to provoke passionate debate and force viewers to think outside the box.

Typical of the liberal mindset, censored the cartoon and banned the artist for expressing his personal view — rather than leave the drawing up to spark healthy debate about racism in America and the world.

The arts and books are the last forms of freedom of expression in a civilized society.

Remember when Hitler ordered the burning of books to exercise his dominance and control over free-thinking Germans? has already started banning books by conservative writers.

Art is objective, and it should be free of influence by subjective opinions and hurt feelings.

We are all in danger of losing our freedoms in America if the arts and books are destroyed to appease liberals who see offensive symbols everywhere they look.