Gloria Govan is begging a family court judge to give her back her twin sons with Matt Barnes. The former NBA star filed a restraining order earlier this month, and a judge granted him custody of his sons after Govan was arrested for child endangerment.

The “Basketball Wives” star filed documents requesting custody of her sons on Wednesday, according to The Blast. Govan is represented by her attorney Mark Gross, who argued that any “alleged danger to the children” stems from the conflict between Govan and Barnes.

Gross stated his client is a loving mother who would never put her children in danger. Govan is currently under investigation for felony child endangerment after she chased after Barnes and blocked his car with hers while their sons were passengers in his car.

Govan, 33, currently gets monitored visiting with a 4 hour time limit. She is ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from Barnes, 38, and the children at any other time.

Govan’s attorney also claimed she has had two monitored visitations at her home, and the monitor gave her glowing reviews.

She “maintained a safe environment for the twins at all times, especially while they were in the pool,” the monitor stated in a report obtained by The Blast.

The report also describes a good relationship between Govan’s kids and fiancé Derek Fisher‘s children.

Govan and Barnes are scheduled to attend a hearing on Thursday morning.