Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama fans are bitterly disappointed over the Beyonce-like prices for her upcoming arena book tour, which kicks off at the United Center in Chicago on November 13.

The ambitious arena book tour will be bigger than Beyonce and JAY=Z’s On The Run II tour. It’s already larger than any speaking gig undertaken by her husband, former President Barack Obama.

Fans who weren’t lucky enough to grab the cheapest tickets to Mrs. Obama’s book tour when they went on sale are now out of luck.

Ticket prices for Mrs. Obama’s book tour ranged from $29.50 to $3,000. The cheap seats sold out quickly.

Hardcore Michelle Obama fan Michelle Duster, who wrote a whole book about the First Lady, is deeply disappointed.

“I didn’t anticipate the lowest price would be $500, five minutes into the ticket sales,” Duster told CBS2.

She said the Obamas seem to be out of touch with the very people who staunchly supported them.

“I think there’s a disconnect: what they stand for, what they have stood for and worked for, and the ticket prices,” said Duster.

The demand for tickets was so high for Obama’s United Center date, that a second show may be added — if she can sell enough tickets to her first show.

With tickets now starting at $500, ticket sales have slowed — much like ticket sales for Michelle’s good friends, Beyonce and JAY-Z, who were forced to drop a track in the middle of their tour to boost slumping ticket sales.

Some Obama fans get the feeling that the Obamas are not down with “regular folk”.

Political consultant Delmarie Cobb says, “They have a reason to be upset because I’m sure they felt that if she was going to be a book tour, it was going to be for the masses, not just for the elite.”

Kyra Kyles, a former Ebony editor-in-chief and current contributor told The Grio, “You definitely wanted everyone to see her who can, but there’s also an element of ‘be proud of her.’ This is a former First Lady who made history and now she’s making history the way she’s doing her book tour.”

In her book, Michelle Obama takes readers on a journey from her humble beginnings as a youngster on Chicago’s South Side to her legacy as the nation’s only Black First Lady.

She clears up why her law license got suspended in 1993, and she lays out her plans for Democratic dominance in the 2020 presidential election.

It’s worth the price of the book to learn the reason for the pain behind her smiling eyes.

Michelle Obama