Drake abruptly cancelled two Miami concerts on Friday due to “serious illness”. The Canadian rapper explained his absence in an Instagram Story.

“I just wanted to say how sorry I am about these two Miami shows. I got so ill so fast and I had never experienced anything like that in my life,” he wrote.

“Unlike other show cancellations or date adjustments due to production issues this one fell on me and I just want to apologize because I hate letting down anyone who come to share these moments with us. Thank you to the two doctors and nurse that helped me with round the clock care. Miami deserves 100 percent and I promise that experience when we return. Thank you god for allowing me to recover and continue .. on we go!”

While we wish Drake a speedy recovery, insiders are whispering that his mysterious emergency was not medical — it was emotional.

Apparently Drake is “distraught” and “devastated” over the ongoing rumors that he might be a pedophile.

Actress Millie Bobby Brown raised eyebrows last weekend when she told Access Hollywood that she and Drake texted each other “all the time.” The 14-year-old also said the 31-year-old man texted her to say he missed her.

Then came word that the rapper gave a $1,100 iPhone to an 11-year-old heart patient so she could “keep in touch” with him.

Drake abruptly cancelled his two Miami concerts on Friday — a day after the news broke that he gave a minor a secret iPhone, rather than simply calling her parents to see how she’s doing.

Apparently, there have been other inappropriate incidents involving young fans over the years.

According to one record label insider, the whispers among industry insiders grew so loud, that Drake cancelled his Miami concerts after a record label exec reportedly told him to “get a handle” on the rumors before it’s too late.

The same insider said Drake is so “sensitive” to criticism (overt or covert) that he limited the comments on his Instagram posts to just 20 or 30 comments per post.

The late king of pop Michael Jackson was also plagued with worrisome pedophile rumors for most of his adult life. So much so that he required powerful anesthesia just to help him sleep at night.

Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images