Kanye West

The fallout continues for outspoken Trump supporter Kanye West. The NBA plans to ban Kanye’s Adidas-sponsored Yeezy basketball sneaker. The sneaker is the newly revamped version of the Yeezy basketball shoe.

According to ESPN, the NBA plans to ban its players from wearing the shoe during NBA games because of its reflective “3M” panel on the heel of the sneakers.

Kanye West Adidas Yeezy basketball sneakers

The NBA has a history of not approving reflective material such as metallic chrome or shiny emblems. The league has banned similar basketball sneakers in the past, including Carmelo Anthony‘s Jordan M10 sneakers.

But some observers say Kanye’s politics are really at issue here.

Kanye is a fiercely loyal supporter of President Donald Trump — and his sponsors are nervous about the public backlash — mainly from Democrats and liberals.

In related news, Kanye announced he is moving his Yeezy factory to Chicago. He originally planned to outsource the work to a factory in China.

Yeezy’s shoe factory is expected to bring hundreds of jobs to Chicago, where he currently resides with his 2-year-old son Saint.